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Highroller Casino Sites in NZ

Many online casinos focus on high-rollers, and many casino players want to become high-rollers. Who are they and why do they get the most from casino sites? Find the answers in this post. And if you are a high-roller, go straight to the list of NZ casinos that offer the best games and the best conditions for gamblers who play hard! Find their reviews on our website and learn more about each of them before you play for real money!


NZ$ 1000

Welcome Bonus


$400 200 FS

Welcome Bonus



Welcome Bonus


$1,000 200 free spins

Welcome Bonus


5 BTC + 150 FS

Welcome Bonus

Jackpot City


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$500 or 5BTC

Welcome Bonus



Welcome Bonus


$400 or 3BTC

Welcome Bonus

Casino Mate


Welcome Bonus

Choose between these casino sites and you will not regret your decision. Some of them offer high payout limits, some of them feature high deposit limits, some of them have exclusive high-roller casino bonuses, and so on. Check out their review on our website to learn more about each casino and choose the one that suits you more.

Who are highrollers?

As a rule, they are VIP players. They deposit big, wager big, and withdraw big. Highrollers can afford big bets and they will not feel bad about losing because gambling is a way of entertainment. Sometimes they lose, and sometimes they win, like everybody else. However, their style of play is more aggressive because of the high-risk bets.

High-rollers are often invited to VIP clubs with exclusive service. Being treated as a VIP means having broader opportunities on a casino site. Among their opportunities, there are:

  • Exclusive high-roller bonuses (usually big deposit match bonuses without free spins)
  • Access to closed tournaments and raffles
  • Cashback
  • Personal support assistant that you can contact via any method, including phone, email, and messengers
  • Increased withdrawal limits per day, week, and month
  • Reduced wagering requirements
  • Access to VIP tables like online poker rooms
  • Increased max deposit limits
  • Birthday gifts (these may include casino bonuses, physical gifts like gadgets, vacations, and more)
  • Special rewards (electronic gadgets, jewelry, all-inclusive 5-star vacations, tickets to public events such as football matches and concerts, invitation to private casino events, etc)

This is not a full list of perks that high-rollers get. And the range of “specials” differs depending on the casino. Some sites only have exclusive bonuses, cashback, and access to tournaments, while others will offer these and increased payout limits, birthday gifts, personal managers, special rewards, and a lot of other goodies.

So if it matters a lot to you to receive all these benefits, you should choose a casino carefully. And make sure to consider 888 Casino and Casino.com as they offer top VIP service.

What to look out for at a highroller casino?

Sometimes high-rollers don’t even need all these special rewards and treatment because they have enough of that in real life. So what they are looking for in a casino is features that will suit their high-risk gambling.

It means that a casino operator must apriori offer:

  • High maximum deposit limits, so that a high-roller can make a big deposit in a single transaction.
  • A suitable payment method. Usually, players have their own preferences for banking options, but when it comes to big deposits, you must be sure of your payment service. For example, cryptocurrency methods allow transfers of big amounts of money.
  • High maximum withdrawal limits so that there is a chance to cash out a big amount of money in a single transaction per day.
  • High-roller bonuses. Many casinos offer welcome bonuses for high-rollers.
  • A dedicated support team that can assist you with your personal needs 24/7.
  • Games with high betting limits.
  • Responsible gambling tools. High-rollers are also prone to go beyond their limits so it’s a good practice to set up account limits if you have such a problem.

Choose a highroller casino depending on what exactly you are looking for on a casino site. Always pay attention to key things like games that allow big bets, and high maximum deposit and withdrawal limits. These will ensure that you get the top gambling experience.

What are the top games for high-rollers?

When it comes to games, it’s a matter of taste. You can’t tell which type of game is better because everyone feels different when playing this or that game. But from the point of view of earning money with big bets, the following are top games.


Everyone knows that blackjack is the top-paying game. This is a skill-required game but if you are a newbie, using a basic blackjack strategy will help you earn money regardless of your budget.

However, if you play big and you are an experienced blackjack player, you will earn a nice amount of money during a single session.


When one hears the word “poker”, he immediately “sees” a picture in his mind where a group of men sits in front of each other at a round table, they smoke cigars and have a pile of chips in the middle of the table. And only one of them grabs the entire amount.

This is a perfect game for high rollers because poker tables allow big bets. Some players even go va bank by wagering everything they have. This is a kind of risk high-rollers can afford. But before you start playing poker, you must learn to play it because poker is not only about gambling.

RNG-based games

All casino games are randomized but some of them also require skill so that players can partly influence the payout. And there are totally random games that don’t change results no matter how hard you try to influence them.

These games include pokies, instant win, crash games, bingo, lotteries, craps, and roulette. Although there are some tips and strategies for winning roulette, craps, and even crash games. However, it’s still not a 100% guarantee.

Nevertheless, these games offer nice payouts, especially if you use big bets. Because they feature multipliers and special symbols and bonus games, they can be high-paying. Though it depends on your luck.

All in all, you should choose a game that you like. If you don’t like blackjack, you don’t have to play it just because it’s high-paying. Choose another type of game to your taste such as pokies or roulette.

Highroller Casino Sites in NZ
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Money rules the world, as they say. And this is the real reason why players come to online casinos. However, not everyone can win big money on these casino sites. There are several factors that affect whether you win or not.


The first thing that mustn’t be failing on the players’ side is their luck. You know how it works. Sometimes your hand is so lucky that you win every round in a row. But there are days when you have failure after failure. So-called rainy days are affecting not only game results but your emotional status as well.

Randomizer – RNG

This thing was created to avoid any kind of cheating by online casinos and users. Users are safe to get the fair results, and online casinos know their games are not broken. Random number generators can directly influence the results of your session. Basically, it’s the same with luck. You either get a positive spin or negative one, and you can’t say which will be the next.

Addiction level

The most popular reason why players can’t win money and finally withdraw is that they can’t stop. Their mind tells them to keep spinning. They are hypnotized, so to speak. Whenever they feel like winning, they spin more and more. Eventually they win nothing. So, if you are an addicted gambler, even though you don’t know it, you can hardly win much on online casinos.

Small deposits

It can sound strange, but if you deposit too little, say $20, you can easily lose them all away. This is kind of a setting of RNG. They are programmed to leave a certain percent of your money to the casino (house edge). By the way, you automatically agree with this when you launch a game, as is stated in the gamerules. So, when you place bets and play, you are starting to lose the deposited money. And in order to get them back you need to place more bets. But the point is you might have run out of money. As a result, you’re left with nothing.

Concluding points

Players can win real money. Online casinos really pay out. If you fail to get the winnings, then probably you are lacking one of the mentioned factors. Thus you need to check them all in your case. If you can’t quit a game at the right time, work it out. If you deposit too small sums, make it a bit bigger. Finally, when you think the problem is your luck or randomizer, you need to take time and relax. Additionally, make up a betting strategy and place limits to the bets. After you get necessary experience, you will see how the real money can fill your bank account.

We are all convinced that online casino games are totally randomized. Of course, every game rules tell us about an installed RNG. Moreover, there are special independent authorities like eCOGRA that approve fairness of results. Well, do you believe it? Are they really that random? Then try to answer another question: why do you notice absolutely cold rounds that bring you no winnings?

How RNG works?

The fact is that RNG is probably not so random in reality. What hides beside the online games is the computer. A counting system that knows you’re winning or losing and, accordingly, gives out the spin results. The computer is programmed to maintain the payout percentage of a casino. Thus you never win much.

There is something wrong with randomization. For example, you might notice a losing track of spins until you get to the lowest. And then suddenly you hit a streak of successful rounds raising your balance back to normal or even more. This process is made by a smart computer with algorithms. No matter if you play at an online casino or land based one.

Judging by this and other ‘unpredictable’ results, I can only say that online casinos must use the special algorithms to make some spins cold. Usually, the cold track lasts until your balance is low enough. During this time you might have done 5 or 10 or 20 spins. It all depends on your budget and counts accordingly by the computer.

Later comes a moment of raising the balance level. If you notice the repetitive positive results, that’s it. My advice to you is to spin until you overcome your initial balance then stop and go withdrawing. If you know where to finish gambling game, you are a winner. After the payout, you can deposit again and the computer will work with the new balance sum.

In this article, you will be presented with the following points:

  1. Play only top-rated casinos
  2. Find the games with high RTP
  3. Find all bonuses
  4. Learn strategies
  5. Find the way to payout

Why top-rated casinos?

Before you start the gambling journey, we recommend you to do some research. Make sure the casino has a high payout rate and many payments methods suitable for you. Moreover, the safety comes first. Check the license and the regulator, in fact, this information will open the clear view on the whole security system in the casino. All this casino reviews you can find here. By reading the articles and reviews you can find useful information about drawbacks and backgrounds of casinos, as well as comments by real players.

Looking for games with high RTP rates.

Take some time to search for the games with a high RTP rate. It shows how much casinos pay back to the player on average and how much it takes for itself. For example, the game with 96% RTP gives 96% back to the players, and 4% keeps as a commission. However, the higher the RTP rate, the more frequently you will win, but the amount of winnings will be lower.

The bonus system

Many casinos offer free money, as a bonus for beginners. We advise you to take this opportunity and try to receive everything you can. In fact, there is a few available types of bonuses:
Sign-up bonus – get free spins or free credits after signing-up.
Welcome bonus – as soon as you register an account, you will be presented with free money.
Deposit Bonus – usually, this is the most generous bonus in terms of prize size, however, in order to receive you are required to make a deposit. Only for new gamblers.
Loyalty bonuses – here you should play regularly and earn loyalty points. In the future, you will be awarded with a big number of benefits, such as monthly prizes, giveaways, private events, and many more.

Learn strategies

Several game genres, such as poker, roulette require at least basic knowledge of rules and strategies. So, in order to have an advantage over the real players or computer dealer, please train some practices of poker sessions for free. Also, don’t forget to read articles with tips on how to play better and win more often. It’s never late to play smart.

How to payout?

Make a research on the available payment methods in chosen casinos. It’s very important to be aware of fast payouts methods, to withdraw your winnings as quickly as possible. Some systems offer higher fees, some make longer transactions. In most cases, e-wallets are the fastest and the most convenient method to make deposits and withdrawals.


Gambling activities can be safe in case you follow these simple steps to choose the casino. Moreover, make sure to choose the casino with an available mobile version. Most of them are adopted to play through mobile devices, including IOS and Android

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