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Highroller Casino Sites in NZ

Many online casinos focus on high-rollers, and many casino players want to become high-rollers. Who are they and why do they get the most from casino sites? Find the answers in this post. And if you are a high-roller, go straight to the list of NZ casinos that offer the best games and the best conditions for gamblers who play hard! Find their reviews on our website and learn more about each of them before you play for real money!


NZ$ 1000

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$400 200 FS

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$1,000 200 free spins

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5 BTC + 150 FS

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Jackpot City


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$500 or 5BTC

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$400 or 3BTC

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Casino Mate


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Choose between these casino sites and you will not regret your decision. Some of them offer high payout limits, some of them feature high deposit limits, some of them have exclusive high-roller casino bonuses, and so on. Check out their review on our website to learn more about each casino and choose the one that suits you more.

Who are highrollers?

As a rule, they are VIP players. They deposit big, wager big, and withdraw big. Highrollers can afford big bets and they will not feel bad about losing because gambling is a way of entertainment. Sometimes they lose, and sometimes they win, like everybody else. However, their style of play is more aggressive because of the high-risk bets.

High-rollers are often invited to VIP clubs with exclusive service. Being treated as a VIP means having broader opportunities on a casino site. Among their opportunities, there are:

  • Exclusive high-roller bonuses (usually big deposit match bonuses without free spins)
  • Access to closed tournaments and raffles
  • Cashback
  • Personal support assistant that you can contact via any method, including phone, email, and messengers
  • Increased withdrawal limits per day, week, and month
  • Reduced wagering requirements
  • Access to VIP tables like online poker rooms
  • Increased max deposit limits
  • Birthday gifts (these may include casino bonuses, physical gifts like gadgets, vacations, and more)
  • Special rewards (electronic gadgets, jewelry, all-inclusive 5-star vacations, tickets to public events such as football matches and concerts, invitation to private casino events, etc)

This is not a full list of perks that high-rollers get. And the range of “specials” differs depending on the casino. Some sites only have exclusive bonuses, cashback, and access to tournaments, while others will offer these and increased payout limits, birthday gifts, personal managers, special rewards, and a lot of other goodies.

So if it matters a lot to you to receive all these benefits, you should choose a casino carefully. And make sure to consider 888 Casino and Casino.com as they offer top VIP service.

What to look out for at a highroller casino?

Sometimes high-rollers don’t even need all these special rewards and treatment because they have enough of that in real life. So what they are looking for in a casino is features that will suit their high-risk gambling.

It means that a casino operator must apriori offer:

  • High maximum deposit limits, so that a high-roller can make a big deposit in a single transaction.
  • A suitable payment method. Usually, players have their own preferences for banking options, but when it comes to big deposits, you must be sure of your payment service. For example, cryptocurrency methods allow transfers of big amounts of money.
  • High maximum withdrawal limits so that there is a chance to cash out a big amount of money in a single transaction per day.
  • High-roller bonuses. Many casinos offer welcome bonuses for high-rollers.
  • A dedicated support team that can assist you with your personal needs 24/7.
  • Games with high betting limits.
  • Responsible gambling tools. High-rollers are also prone to go beyond their limits so it’s a good practice to set up account limits if you have such a problem.

Choose a highroller casino depending on what exactly you are looking for on a casino site. Always pay attention to key things like games that allow big bets, and high maximum deposit and withdrawal limits. These will ensure that you get the top gambling experience.

What are the top games for high-rollers?

When it comes to games, it’s a matter of taste. You can’t tell which type of game is better because everyone feels different when playing this or that game. But from the point of view of earning money with big bets, the following are top games.


Everyone knows that blackjack is the top-paying game. This is a skill-required game but if you are a newbie, using a basic blackjack strategy will help you earn money regardless of your budget.

However, if you play big and you are an experienced blackjack player, you will earn a nice amount of money during a single session.


When one hears the word “poker”, he immediately “sees” a picture in his mind where a group of men sits in front of each other at a round table, they smoke cigars and have a pile of chips in the middle of the table. And only one of them grabs the entire amount.

This is a perfect game for high rollers because poker tables allow big bets. Some players even go va bank by wagering everything they have. This is a kind of risk high-rollers can afford. But before you start playing poker, you must learn to play it because poker is not only about gambling.

RNG-based games

All casino games are randomized but some of them also require skill so that players can partly influence the payout. And there are totally random games that don’t change results no matter how hard you try to influence them.

These games include pokies, instant win, crash games, bingo, lotteries, craps, and roulette. Although there are some tips and strategies for winning roulette, craps, and even crash games. However, it’s still not a 100% guarantee.

Nevertheless, these games offer nice payouts, especially if you use big bets. Because they feature multipliers and special symbols and bonus games, they can be high-paying. Though it depends on your luck.

All in all, you should choose a game that you like. If you don’t like blackjack, you don’t have to play it just because it’s high-paying. Choose another type of game to your taste such as pokies or roulette.

Highroller Casino Sites in NZ
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This article consists of three paragraphs, three main questions which identify the trusted casino. After reading the page you will be able to identify the safe indicators of the casino.

The page consists of:

  1. Main indicators of a safe casino
  2. Is it legal?
  3. Is it fair?
  4. Data protection

When we think about the safety, we usually ask three questions: is this online casino legal? Is it licensed?, and is it fair? By answering that, you will be sure that a casino has only excellent intentions toward players. All the casinos on our site have these characteristics, and that’s why.

It’s legal

In fact, all the casinos are licensed and regulated by reliable gambling commissions. The list includes Malta Gaming Authority, UK Gambling Commission, Kahawake GA, Swedish Commission. As a result, the casino from the rating consists of one or several of these regulators on the board. The reliability of these regulators are without a doubt, you can check all information about them on the official site of gambling authority. In the review of any casino you will find a small description of regulators. All in all, if you’re over the age of 18, you can easily sign up and play.

It’s fair

It’s important to realize that casinos and games are checked by audit company eCOGRA, to make sure that all random generations are fair and show honest statistics. Moreover, it checks the RTP of the particular casino to prove the declared rates.

You’re protected on the site

Deposits and payouts require a high level of security. As soon as you make any money transaction, the information will be transferred through the encryption technology. The example of such technology is SSL (Secure Socket Layer). Millions of sites use it to transfer the data from merchant to customer in the most secure way.


Any gambling activity has risks and it’s very easy to lose more money than you want. Sometimes it can be hard to stop. For that reason, casinos provide a list of rules and methods on how to prevent any type of gambling addiction.

I hope you are aware that stealing money in any form is totally illegal. Even if you want to multiply your balance at an online casino account. It’s still considered as a crime and punishable by law. I’d never recommend doing it. But since this question is quite popular, I’ll try to explain some back-ways.

Can you hack the casino?

To be honest, slot machines are not easy to deceive unless you are the smartest hacker in the world. Basically, all cheating ways are connected with a form of hacking. So, you’d better have a deeper knowledge of computers.

Hacking skills can be helpful when you’re planning to reward yourself with some winning rounds setting up the RNG in a not very random state. You could modify the winning results that way so they were more often.

However, don’t expect that you will get away with this. The security check service of online casinos works better than you think. And even if you can do it once, don’t hurry to give it another try. Most probably, the guards have already determined your identity. They are not that stupid. They are actually the first-class professionals too.

The most popular way to cheat

Another cheating way would be applicable with the help of several screens and a bonus. As we know, bonuses have wagering requirements. So, in order to withdraw you have to meet these requirements. Let’s suppose you have taken the bonus offer. Here is what you do.

Load one and the same slot game on different screens, e.g. your laptop, computer desktop, tablet. Start playing it on one screen. Once you get a chance to play the bonus game, stop. Leave the screen for another one. Again play until you come to the bonus round. Repeat the action till you meet the wagering requirements. As soon as you do it, go back to the bonus-open screens and play them all through. Then quit and go to banking. This way will give you much profit, in case you don’t get caught, though.

Don’t steel from other players

These are the most common ways to cheat slot machines. Besides, you can steal someone’s account info or credit card data to play the slots for their money. Though it wouldn’t be an option for stealing from the online casinos. Anyway, if you have no sense of conscience and fear of being punished, go ahead.

Sometimes people state that all online games including Blackjack are rigged by casinos. To tell the truth, there are such casinos that cheat on games to make profit. These casinos are called scams, to be more exact. But don’t be disappointed too easily. There are good casinos too. Actually, if you search for a gambling site, you will see only fair casinos that never rig or cheat. They don’t do it for the reason that they value their reputation.

Generally, any game can be rigged, but blackjack is the most vulnerable to this due to its complete randomness. Therefore, we’ll introduce several reasons why casinos don’t rig the cards at blackjack:

  • Reputation. If a gambler notices rigging Blackjack or other game, everybody on the Internet will be aware of this too. So, the casino will have far less customers than before. Players will consider it a scam, and what is more, all the auditing authorities including eCOGRA will get the approval back.
  • Penalty. First of all, if an online casino is accused of cheating, it gets a huge penalty. The amount of money that it has to pay is so big that it just isn’t worth it.
  • Closing. This situation is unimprovable. The online casino will have to close the doors. Apparently, the owner will have to end up with the further gambling business too.

To conclude, online casinos would rather be fair and rich than close the whole business and lose everything. So, rigging Blackjack or other games is not profitable at all. Inversely, it is very risky. There is no single online casino that will take such a life-cost risk.

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