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Instant Bank Transfer Casino NZ

When it comes to making casino deposits, some kiwi players choose e-wallets, others choose bank cards or cryptocurrencies, but there is still a big number of players who prefer instant bank transfer. It is convenient, secure, and fast, which is why players use it for deposits. If you want to join a casino website that accepts instant bank transfer, consider sites from the list below. Use our casino reviews to find your perfect casino site:



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Pluses and minuses of using instant bank transfer

A bank transfer is an easy way to deposit money in online casinos. However, it is a slot withdrawal method, which is rather a disadvantage. Here’s a full list of pros and cons of this banking method.


  • Fast and direct online casino deposits
  • Easy to use
  • Available at many NZ casinos
  • Quick processing of deposits
  • Convenient
  • Secure


  • Slow withdrawals

The only disadvantage is that sometimes you have to wait days till your money shows up in your bank account. But with the number of advantages, this drawback is not that big.

How to use instant bank transfer for deposits

All gamblers who have a bank account can use this convenient method of deposit. So when you’ve signed up at an instant bank transfer casino NZ, go to the financial page to make a deposit.

You’ll be prompted with a deposit form where you need to enter the amount of money, select your instant bank transfer method, and select your banking institution. Then, log in to your bank with your online ID and confirm your transaction. That’s it!

See how convenient and fast it goes. Go back to the lobby, find that you have money in your casino account, and choose your favorite game to gamble.

Mind that online casinos have minimum transaction limits for instant bank transfer deposits. Usually, the minimum you can deposit is $20.

How to use instant bank transfer for withdrawals

The withdrawal process is not that difficult either, however, it is slower. And at most online casinos, you have to cash out using the same payment method as you used for deposits. So you will not be able to change your method of payment. Though, you can try to contact the team and ask if this is possible.

To withdraw winnings using instant bank transfer, you need:

  1. Go to the cashier’s.
  2. Select instant bank transfer as your withdrawal method.
  3. Enter the amount of money you want to cash out.
  4. Choose your bank from the menu.
  5. And confirm the payment.

If everything’s gone great, meaning you have no problems with verification and violation of rules, you will receive your payout in a few days. However, it depends on the casino and your bank. It’s not rare that players wait for 5-7 days.

A little tip: request a payout during business days because banks work only during banking days. Days off mean a couple of lost days for your payout.

What is required for an instant bank transfer?

First of all, players need to have an account in an NZ bank. So if you don’t have any, make sure to acquire it.

To gamble online, you need to be 18 years old. Verify your identity with the casino team. And then get real money into your bank account to transfer it to the casino.

Some NZ banks have responsible gambling tools for their customers. For example, players are offered to set up transaction limits. Thus, the bank will not accept transfers to online casinos if you’ve already spent too much.

Reasons to use instant bank transfer

Some players will hate the fact that instant bank transfer processes withdrawals slowly. But there are many reasons to use bank transfer and enjoy it!

  • It’s absolutely free! There are no fees or commissions at all. This is why many kiwi players choose instant bank transfers over, for example, e-wallets that impose fees.
  • Fast deposits. Deposits are always instant. In a few seconds, after you confirm the payment, the money is already waiting for you in your casino account.
  • Top security. Your money is stored in your bank. Probably, it is using a top-notch security system to protect your funds and data. So transactions between your bank and the casino are absolutely secure. Besides, you as a bank client have to authorize the payment. It won’t be processed unless you say so.
  • No extra movements. Bank transfer is convenient because it processes money directly. There is no intermediary service involved like with e-wallets, for example, where you have to make three transactions — cash to bank, from bank to e-wallet, and from e-wallet to casino.

Bonuses at instant bank transfer casinos NZ

Kiwi players are aware of the fact that some payment systems are not eligible for casino bonuses. But this is not the case for instant bank transfer users.

If you deposit with an instant bank transfer, you will always be eligible for the best promotions, including welcome deals and reload bonuses.

Usually, there is only one requirement to claim a casino bonus. It is making a minimum deposit. And a $20 deposit, in most cases, is absolutely enough for a bonus. However, if you want to deposit more, go ahead and do it, just make sure that you have funds in your bank.

Players can claim various offers. The first is a welcome bonus, of course. As a rule, it’s the biggest bonus campaign. So don’t miss out on it. Some online casinos give bonus packages to new players. These include multiple deposit bonuses and free spins.

Later, as you become a regular casino player, you can claim other deposit bonuses such as reload offers, weekend boosts, etc. Casinos also accept deposits via instant bank transfer when you decide to take part in a tournament.

So no matter what you do at a real money NZ casino, you can use instant bank transfers. This is a convenient, secure, and direct payment method. And for some players, slow withdrawals are not even the case.

Anyway, there are many reasons to use instant bank transfer. So if you like it, then use it for your casino deposits and withdrawals of winnings.

Instant Bank Transfer Casino NZ
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Cheating, hacking, deceiving are all words for misbehavior of players. Through the years, since the opening of land-based casinos and up till now, in the era of the Internet, people are seeking for the opportunity to steal money from online casinos. You can say: “Casinos steal my money too!” But no, you give them the money at your own wish and will.

Can someone hack the casino?

The online casinos are not so stupid to let you cheat them. Even the smartest hackers in the world can’t beat the security systems of the site. Of course, there were multiple attempts and some of them were successful. But anyway it certainly ended up with bad consequences as anyone in the world now can be caught. You can make up your own hacking strategy, by the way, considering all the flaws and circumstances. However, it’s no guarantee you’ll be through with it. All in all, some illegal affair at online casinos isn’t worth it, right?

Reading up to this point, anyway you want to know how to hack software of an online casino. So, I’ll give you only approximate ideas as I’m not a hacker at all. The whole strategy development lies down on your shoulders.

RNG Hacking

The first thing you should understand is that all games are driven by RNG. The slots, cards and balls are shuffled in an absolutely random way. In order to hack an online casino, you’ve got to hack the generator. One of the instruments to help is another software. The special software is determined to program all at once online slots or sometimes one specific slot. You need to run this software simultaneously with your casino slot just to mess with it. Thus you deceive the casino by making the RNG invalid working it out in your favour.

Team work

Another popular way to hack a game, live casino game, to be exact, has nothing to do with real ‘hacking’. It’s just a cheating method that can be used by regular players (who don’t have special computer skills, I mean). So, you need to gather your friends around. You all should enter the same live poker game, for example. Everyone must agree to show the cards and, of course, split the winning among them all. Basically, you just see the cards of your friends and you all can manage them to win the dealer. If everything comes out successfully, you then withdraw and divide the money equally.

The previous method of cheating doesn’t yet have the appropriate security system on the side of casinos. It means you can use it. But still, do it wisely and don’t gather around the greedy friends. All in all, it’s better to play the casino games just for fun and not for stealing money. You know, the illegal affairs never lead to something positive. Besides, the protection technologies are at the highest level now, and the online casinos implement this very type of security.

People losing money. Generally speaking, casinos use tricks to attract new players. Have you heard about the welcome bonuses that casinos provide? Surely, yes. In fact, by doing this you need to make an account and deposit some money. Once you have done this, it’ll be easy to deposit more in the future.

House Edge

The real earnings do not depend on players losing money, but also they take a house edge. They take a small percent every time you play a game. However, the percentage is not that big, around 5%. It’s definitely enough to make a lot of money, because you are not the only one who plays the game. The slots and roulette are the most profitable games, due the highest percentage. Moreover, there is another source of income. The easiest one is to involve commissions. The casino takes a percentage of the bet.


All things considered, online casinos make a lot of money, don’t worry about being scammed. Take into account, there are many people playing at the same time as you.

The gambling market now offers a lot of online casinos. You don’t even know where to look first. It’s a competitive field. Analyzing one casino with its eye catching bonus system, you may think it’s the one. But then you stumble upon a different casino and now this one seems better. All in all, catchy bonuses and specific design are not the important things.

What you should think of at the beginning is safety. Safety of your data, your banking details and the whole online environment which is very often full of frauds. So, what is the safest online casino and how can you know it’s the one?

Security system

Gambling sites are vulnerable to Internet frauds. This means every casino must have unbreakable safeguard. This is the security system generally driven by a bit/SSL encryption. Casino sites protect themselves and players from all sides including private info safety, encrypted transactions and identity verification.

Generally, gambling sites post information about the security measures on their pages. Very often you can find seals of popular security systems applied. Besides, you should check the T&Cs and privacy policy to understand in what ways the casino uses your data.

Safe games

This refers mainly to the fairness of games. The game results should be random. An RNG is responsible for such results. It makes the reels spin and let out any possible combination. The same is with the cards and balls.

There are also special authorities that test the casino games. The eCOGRA and Independent Auditors can give a proof certificate of fair randomized games. If you see a seal of any testing bodies, then you’ve come to the right casino.

The safest online casinos

Frankly speaking, it’s not easy to name just one safe online casino. There are many of them that have a good reputation and nice service which also includes total safety. Let me make a list of the safe online casinos. Looking through all of them, you can make up your mind on one or two to test them.

  • 888 Casino. MGA, UKGC, Gibraltar and GBGA licenses, full protection including NoSpyware Adware, eCOGRA certificate.
  • JackpotCity casino. MGA license, SSL encryption applied, eCOGRA tested.
  • Leovegas. MGA, UKGC, Swedish and Danish licenses, Digicert SSL encryption, Independent Audits.
  • Spin Casino. MGA license, SSL encrypted, eCOGRA certificate.
  • Casumo casino. MGA license, SSL encrypted, DSS compliant, TST certificate.

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