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Top 5 Pokies with Progressive Jackpots by Playtech

Millions of people try their luck playing online slot machines. Slots are so popular due to their bright colors, interesting themes, outstanding sound effects, and a wide variety of betting options. For many years, online slots have been evolving, introducing new features of all tastes. Today, one of the most popular types of online slots is a slot with a progressive jackpot. Many well-known software providers offer various games with all kinds of features. Some of them provide Megaways feature with hundreds of paylines to form combinations. In our case, we review slots with multimillion jackpots!

What is a slot with a progressive jackpot?

Every top online casino offers a wide selection of slots with progressive jackpots. Among the popular types of slots, progressive slots are different in the way of payments. The word “progressive”, means that the winning amount is accumulated through time. People make bets, influencing the jackpot prize. Therefore, the more players place bets on the game of chance during the specific round time, the bigger the jackpot will grow.

When the player becomes the lucky winner of the jackpot, the prize pool starts from zero dollars again. Many players agree that it is a very attractive type of slot, giving you a chance to become a multimillionaire in one spin. But you may ask a question of where to start playing for the biggest jackpot of your life? In the list below, we have formed the rating of the top 5 progressive slots by Playtech.

1. Gold Rally Slots

This is one of the best progressive slots by Playtech. It has 3 reels and 8 paylines to trigger the winning combination. Moreover, Gold Rally Slot is based on mining and gold, which also can give a chance to hit the progressive jackpot of over $1 million.

In order to hit the jackpot, the player must wager at least 8 credits, and trigger nine scatter symbols in the field. Of course, it’s not that easy to collect nine scatter symbols, however, players can also win smaller prizes with other combinations.

2. Spiderman

The theme of the slot does not need much as an introduction, since we have seen such a superhero many times. In general, slots with an action hero are extremely popular among comics fans and development studios. Spiderman slot has 5 reels and 25 paylines. In addition, the slot does not attract newcomers with innovative features, but it offers traditional and classic features along with a progressive jackpot.

Also, the slot features Wild symbols, which are represented by the word “wild”, as well as Scatter symbols as the “spiderman” logo. Moreover, there is a surprise feature, which turns three or four basic symbols into wild symbols, except for the scatter.

3. X-MEN

X-MEN is another slot dedicated to superhero thematic. In this case, comics fans can enjoy the X-MEN superheroes, as well as 5 reels, and two versions with 25 paylines, and 50 paylines. Among the symbols, there are the most famous superheroes: Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Cyclops, Storm, Mystique, Magneto, Juggernaut, Sabretooth, and Rouge.

Special Wild symbols are in the form of “wild” words, and the Scatter symbol looks like the X-Men logo. Also, the game provides the “X feature”, which gives super prize when 5 hero symbols form an X on reels 2,3,4. In this case, the player will get the win multiplied by 5x.


Our fourth progressive jackpot slot is dedicated to Marvel comics. Playtech offers sci-fi characters, which is Iron Man now. The third part of the iconic superhero movie brought us 5 reels and 2 paylines.

Continuing with the sci-fi characters that Playtech brought to the slot machines, it is now the turn of Iron Man 3, which has 5 reels and 25 paylines. Also, players will find their low value symbols, including 9, 10, J, K, Q. Special symbols are represented by the Iron Man or Iron Man 3 logo. If you will be able to manage 5 Wild symbols on the reels, your winning will be multiplied by 10,000x.

5. Fantastic Four

Let’s conclude our list of top slots with progressive jackpots by Playtech with Fantastic Four. The slot features all the heroes from the legendary Fantastic Four. It has 20 paylines, or 50 paylines in the updated version, and 5 reels.

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Money rules the world, as they say. And this is the real reason why players come to online casinos. However, not everyone can win big money on these casino sites. There are several factors that affect whether you win or not.


The first thing that mustn’t be failing on the players’ side is their luck. You know how it works. Sometimes your hand is so lucky that you win every round in a row. But there are days when you have failure after failure. So-called rainy days are affecting not only game results but your emotional status as well.

Randomizer – RNG

This thing was created to avoid any kind of cheating by online casinos and users. Users are safe to get the fair results, and online casinos know their games are not broken. Random number generators can directly influence the results of your session. Basically, it’s the same with luck. You either get a positive spin or negative one, and you can’t say which will be the next.

Addiction level

The most popular reason why players can’t win money and finally withdraw is that they can’t stop. Their mind tells them to keep spinning. They are hypnotized, so to speak. Whenever they feel like winning, they spin more and more. Eventually they win nothing. So, if you are an addicted gambler, even though you don’t know it, you can hardly win much on online casinos.

Small deposits

It can sound strange, but if you deposit too little, say $20, you can easily lose them all away. This is kind of a setting of RNG. They are programmed to leave a certain percent of your money to the casino (house edge). By the way, you automatically agree with this when you launch a game, as is stated in the gamerules. So, when you place bets and play, you are starting to lose the deposited money. And in order to get them back you need to place more bets. But the point is you might have run out of money. As a result, you’re left with nothing.

Concluding points

Players can win real money. Online casinos really pay out. If you fail to get the winnings, then probably you are lacking one of the mentioned factors. Thus you need to check them all in your case. If you can’t quit a game at the right time, work it out. If you deposit too small sums, make it a bit bigger. Finally, when you think the problem is your luck or randomizer, you need to take time and relax. Additionally, make up a betting strategy and place limits to the bets. After you get necessary experience, you will see how the real money can fill your bank account.

For all the people whose favourite movie is Dirty Dancing, the same named online casino slot has been created. Dance together with Patrick Swayze and amazing Jennifer Grey to win progressive Jackpot or just have a good time. Playtech, one of the famous companies, provides the slot. The developer has implemented 5 reels with 40 possible combinations into the game. Apart from this, you can win with the multiple wild symbols like Whirling and Dancing ones. Bonus rounds with spins for free and Jackpot game are also included.

Interesting fact that although RTP is not so big (94.49%), still many players like the Dirty Dancing for the theme and impressive specials. You can play the slot on your desktop as well as on your mobile phone or tablet. It launches perfectly on iOS and Android. There are also a number of online casinos where you can play Dirty Dancing online slot. Here is the list.

  • Playamo
  • Joycasino
  • Europa casino
  • VideoSlots.com
  • Thrills
  • Power Spins
  • Jackie Jackpot
  • Golden Reels

Choose any with no doubt because they all guarantee the perfect pastime with your favourite characters of the movie. In fact, the slot is even better than the movie. Here you can win money and even the biggest prize of your life – Jackpot!

It’s not a secret for anyone that money prizes are the real reason why people play casino games. In their turn, all the online casinos promise to provide the top service and give the cash super quickly. Although it sounds simple, in reality many gamblers don’t see the money from online casinos. That is why players start to search for the fair gambling sites that will pay out.

To tell the truth, there are many well-reputable real sites. They are easy to spot among others. They have appropriate licenses and certificates which prove their official gambling activity. They’re not trying to deceive their users or mistreat them.

Nevertheless, you might already know the differences between real casino sites and frauds. Otherwise check the blog and FAQ sections for the relevant topics on our site.

Special for you, the team of Casinobest.nz has created a list of the online casinos that really pay money to its winners. Check it out below and read the review for each one on our website.

  1. Jackpot City casino. The casino’s payout rate is the highest of all available for New Zealand. It’s 97.84%.
  2. Casumo. The choice of many kiwis. Casumo casino suggests hundreds of games, specific rewards program and, of course, fast money.
  3. Spin Casino. Spin is offering the HD games and fast withdrawals.
  4. LeoVegas. The licensed casino and sportsbook with safety measures, nice benefits and plenty of slots.
  5. Ruby Fortune. Real money is guaranteed within a couple of days.

The five online casinos in the list are known to pay out for real. However, you should understand in what cases casinos don’t pay. If you, for example, violated the casino terms or abused a bonus, the site will not pay you out. So, before requesting for withdrawal, make sure you haven’t misbehaved.

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