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Important Changes in Gambling Over the past few years

About 30-40 years ago, land-based gambling was stable and monopolistic. But 10-15 years later, with the development of Internet technologies, we witnessed the emergence of the first online casinos. A decade later, mobile gambling became the trend in this sphere. It had everything the player needed, but new innovations are coming. Further, we will talk about innovations that are changing the industry now, and about the new future developments.

Have a look at the most used innovations in the gambling sphere. Basically, they show an image of a modern casino of the 21st century.

Important changes

1. Loyalty cards or club cards

A couple of decades ago, club cards helped to track the gambler’s winning history and his/her rating. These cards were used only on board games. However, today we can see them in the slot machines. Players can use them as a payment method, or to get bonuses. Now, as much as you play games and participate in tournaments, you can receive points and gifts. The more you play the more benefits you get.

2. Non-cash game

Today, the history of cash payment has gone. Electronic payments is one of the most important innovations in the gambling field. It’s a convenient and fast method to deposit and withdraw your winnings in almost all world-known casinos.

3. Online Pokies

Nowadays, more than 80% of c casino income is generated by slot machines. Moreover, the customized percent of return allowed casinos to offer slots with accumulated jackpots, which is an invention—a progressive jackpot.

4. Progressive jackpots

Considering low odds of hitting such jackpots, it keeps a lead among not only online casinos but also land-based casinos. It provides several variations and is used also in online roulettes, and blackjack, showing how attractive this technology is.

5. A shuffling machine

An automatic shuffling machine allows a 20% decrease in gaming time and prevents mistakes during the count. It also makes it impossible to influence the results.

6. Online gambling

The popularity of online gambling significantly increased over the past decade. It has gained millions of new players around the world. Online gambling slightly replaces real casinos due to convenience and other factors, which we will mention later.

7. Live-dealer games

Talking about gambling innovations, it’s worth mentioning the live games, which are able to immerse players into the atmosphere of a real casino. We advise all our readers at least once to try this mode since even an old casino gambler will love it. The atmosphere is created with the help of live cameras in the dealers’ room, motion sensors, allowing users to watch all dealers’ actions, and other players’ moves, as well as talk to them.

8. Mobile casino

According to statistics, over 50% of users play on their smartphones or tablets. And the casino owners take the benefits from it. Gambling experts predict the bigger growth of mobile users within the next two years. Mobile gambling allows players to place bets wherever they are, and enjoy the same top-quality content on the small screens of mobile devices.

9. Social games

This innovation allows players to receive free spins, bonus prizes, and additional dollars. This includes tournaments that take place in every casino each month or holiday. In fact, social games just began to appear in the online casino walls, but the potential is huge.

10. Virtual reality

VR technology is new but plays an important role in the gambling sphere. Some casinos and software providers already allow players to wear a VR helmet to take part in live casino games. For example, leading casino providers including NetEnt and Microgaming actively participate in the development of virtual online casinos. Our readers can check the top Microgaming online casino. 

11. Artificial intelligence

One more important change in the gambling industry is the introduction of artificial intelligence in the future. It will give an opportunity to improve customer support by implementing chatbots at the casino site. As a result, it will help to answer the toughest questions of players in a second. Moreover, the AI is capable of understanding gamblers’ wishes and keeping them interested, and safe. Yes, it provides security by detecting fraudulent activities.

What features gambling operators use now?

Modern online casinos try to give as much comfort to players as possible and take the leading position in the gambling ratings. Therefore, they regularly use the latest technologies to improve the casino and attract more audiences.


Today, almost 20% of casinos work with bitcoins. And more platforms introduce cryptocurrency as a payment method. Digital currency is safe and provides private transactions. These benefits force casinos owners to keep up with the time and make everything possible to please the player. No matter how fast e-wallets and bank cards process a money transfer, blockchain provides the fastest transfer.


These innovations involve additional interactive elements to the game. For example, these are bonus rounds in slot machines, tournaments, and quests.

3D games

The best software providers of online casino NetEnt, Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, Play’n Go, or others expanded their gaming collection with 3D Games a long time ago. And still, all of them develop 3D games with beautiful graphic designs and interesting stories.

Innovations equal success

A gambling market is full of creative ideas, but not all of them affect the industry. The innovations we mentioned above are refreshing for many old casinos that started to lose the audience. The introduction of these factors should be done according to the specifics of the casino. For example, some casinos specialize in live games, and it’s recommended to implement VR technologies.

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Legalization of online gambling is an issue of each individual government. Every country has its own regulations concerning casinos. Some authorities like China prohibit any form of gambling. Others legalize only land-based local casinos. But the most popular way is to accept offshore based online casinos meanwhile banning organization of local gambling sites.

How to define a legal casino?

In order to understand if it’s legal or not to gamble online in your country, you have to search for the relevant law in the jurisdiction of your location. If you are a resident of New Zealand, it’s easy. You can sign up at international online casinos. It’s absolutely legal. But you can’t play at the local online casinos. In other words, if you’ve found and played at a casino site registered in NZ, you’ll probably be fined in the end.

Offshore regulations

You neither can open an online casino staying in New Zealand. It’s okay if you register it in Malta, for example. Like the famous SkyCity did. It opened a legal online casino which works in kiwi residence. It’s just registered and licensed in Malta.

One more thing you have to know. Although you are a citizen of New Zealand, being on a trip to another country you can’t play the casino games on your favourite site. Nevertheless, if the country’s jurisdiction allows online gambling sites, go ahead and play.

The most popular methods to process money to and from online casinos are e-wallets, bank transfer or cards. However, there are other special payment options that help to process money faster between casino sites and banks. For this purpose, Entropay was created. In fact, Entropay cards are mostly like prepaid cards. The Entropay prepaid card provider is VISA only. Basically, you need to register an Entropay account and connect it with your VISA card. This method is much easier when it comes to deposits.

Entropay is accepted by nearly all casinos online. In fact, all you need to have is a VISA card. The role of Entropay is ,first, to make your transactions safe and, second, to keep all your other savings separate from the gambling purposes. In other words, if something bad happens with your casino account or you somehow lose the transferred money, all the rest money will be with you in your VISA card. Regarding the online casinos that include Entropay and, therefore, VISA as a banking option, you can read the following list. These are the most reliable and visited online casinos: JackpotCity, Spin Casino, Lucky Days, Casimba, Casumo, Royal Vegas, Ruby Fortune, LeoVegas, PlayZee, Vegas Hero, PlayAmo, DreamVegas, Betway.

In this article, you will be presented with the following points:

  1. Play only top-rated casinos
  2. Find the games with high RTP
  3. Find all bonuses
  4. Learn strategies
  5. Find the way to payout

Why top-rated casinos?

Before you start the gambling journey, we recommend you to do some research. Make sure the casino has a high payout rate and many payments methods suitable for you. Moreover, the safety comes first. Check the license and the regulator, in fact, this information will open the clear view on the whole security system in the casino. All this casino reviews you can find here. By reading the articles and reviews you can find useful information about drawbacks and backgrounds of casinos, as well as comments by real players.

Looking for games with high RTP rates.

Take some time to search for the games with a high RTP rate. It shows how much casinos pay back to the player on average and how much it takes for itself. For example, the game with 96% RTP gives 96% back to the players, and 4% keeps as a commission. However, the higher the RTP rate, the more frequently you will win, but the amount of winnings will be lower.

The bonus system

Many casinos offer free money, as a bonus for beginners. We advise you to take this opportunity and try to receive everything you can. In fact, there is a few available types of bonuses:
Sign-up bonus – get free spins or free credits after signing-up.
Welcome bonus – as soon as you register an account, you will be presented with free money.
Deposit Bonus – usually, this is the most generous bonus in terms of prize size, however, in order to receive you are required to make a deposit. Only for new gamblers.
Loyalty bonuses – here you should play regularly and earn loyalty points. In the future, you will be awarded with a big number of benefits, such as monthly prizes, giveaways, private events, and many more.

Learn strategies

Several game genres, such as poker, roulette require at least basic knowledge of rules and strategies. So, in order to have an advantage over the real players or computer dealer, please train some practices of poker sessions for free. Also, don’t forget to read articles with tips on how to play better and win more often. It’s never late to play smart.

How to payout?

Make a research on the available payment methods in chosen casinos. It’s very important to be aware of fast payouts methods, to withdraw your winnings as quickly as possible. Some systems offer higher fees, some make longer transactions. In most cases, e-wallets are the fastest and the most convenient method to make deposits and withdrawals.


Gambling activities can be safe in case you follow these simple steps to choose the casino. Moreover, make sure to choose the casino with an available mobile version. Most of them are adopted to play through mobile devices, including IOS and Android

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