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Play The Best Live Dealer Blackjack

Blackjack is an extremely popular game in the gambling industry. At the first glance, the game might seem simple, but it definitely hides the features, which you have to know. After reading the article, you can easily start mastering your game. Below you will find the rules, strategies, and the most frequently asked questions to be able to play for real money and win.

If you play online blackjack at the best online blackjack casino, there is a random number generator, also known as RNG. It’s responsible for all results during the game. However, if you play live blackjack, the result will depend on the dealer’s hand. Live games happen in the special rooms with all cards in the special plastic case. So, if you are in doubt about honesty, casinos allow players to see everything with their own eyes. If the casino is top-rated, the dealer is a professional croupier who manages the whole game process, like in land-based casinos. Usually, the dealer is a beautiful woman who attracts many players. However, you can choose a man at the table. Some casinos allow players to play at different tables at once.

Table selection

There is a wide choice of tables. Therefore, players can choose any table with any croupier they want. Blackjack games are provided by several well-known software providers including Evolution Gaming, Vivo Gaming, NetEnt Live, and others. If you prefer the classic online blackjack, then choose the regular tables. In case you want to try something new and get a unique experience, then try live blackjack and start winning.

Take into account that online casinos with live blackjack offer special tables with big bets for high-rollers. Dealers can communicate with players and quickly give cards and perform other actions. Players can talk to them as well as quietly have a good time.

Choosing a blackjack casino

As with any other gambling activity, it’s very important to pick reliable and fair online casinos. This list of top live blackjack casinos will allow you to safely choose the site to play. Creating a rating, we consider not only the amount of games and variations of them but also many other factors.

  • Bonuses and promotions
  • Customer support
  • Available payment methods
  • Loyalty program;

Fast payment methods
Our gambling experts try to give only honest reviews on casinos and avoid fraudulent ones. Once you find the casinos you like, all you have to do is register and make a deposit to get the bonus. Some casinos provide no deposit bonuses, which do not require investing money at all.

Registration and deposit of funds

Today, the registration procedure in online casinos takes 2-3 minutes. Players can register through mobile phone, email, and social media. All these methods are fast and reliable. Just create a password, confirm an email and you’re free to play.

As soon as you create an account, go to the cashier and make a deposit. The minimum deposit depends on the casino you have chosen, but usually, it’s no more than $10. In some casinos, the minimum is $20, in others $1 or $5. Check out the minimum deposit online casinos. But be careful if you want to play blackjack. Since there are different minimum bets in blackjack, it could be not enough. We recommend you to firstly check the available bet ranges in blackjack, and then fill in the balance with the required amount.

How to place bets in Blackjack?

When you enter the room and sit at the table, players will have between 15 and 90 seconds to place the bet before the round starts. In some cases, the dealer may shuffle the deck longer, so be patient.

In order to place a bet, you need to choose the chip value and place the bet. If there are no other players, just click the “Deal” button and do not wait for the end of the countdown. In case you play with other people, you will have to wait till the last person makes the action. By the way, there is a button that allows you to automatically repeat the previous bet. Use this technique, since it speeds up the game.

In some casinos, there is a “Bet Behind” feature, which allows you to place a bet on the players if you did not have time to take a seat. If the player you pick wins you win as well. In such a round, his/her bets do not influence your result. Moreover, if the player you pick chooses to “split” or “double”, your bet will be doubled. However, you can disable this feature in the “Bet Behind” settings.

Who is a dealer?

The dealer plays the most important role in this game. She/He accepts bets, deals the cards, talks to players, in other words, manages the whole process. When the dealer shuffles the deck, usually, it takes a few minutes. According to the rules of the house, the croupier must show the deck on the field during the whole time, so the shuffling takes place right before the player’s eyes.

Game actions

At the beginning of the round, when you place a bet and get the cards, you will have to choose between 2 to 5 possible actions. Players can do the actions either in turn or in advance. Therefore, you can pick the action before your turn, and the dealer will already know what to perform. It will lead to the speed up of the game, and respect from other players.

Let’s take a look at all the available actions in blackjack.

Stop or (STAND)
Players need to press the function “STAND” to pass the turn to the next player if they got enough points. It’s available only if you have 20 or fewer points.

Take a card or (HIT)

It simply allows you to draw an additional card. If the number of points is less than 21, you can do this option. Otherwise, it does not make any sense. Getting more than 21 points leads to a loss.


This feature doubles your bet, but you will receive only one card. Doubling features differ from game to game. For example, Blackjack by Evolution Gaming provides a “DOUBLE DOWN” feature every time.


The SPLIT feature allows you to divide one starting hand into two separate ones. You can split the hand only if two starting cards are the same, and the value of cards gives 10 points each. When you activate this option, your hand will be split, and one hand will be added to each card. If you SPLIT the aces, then only one card will be added to them. In addition, this option doubles the bet automatically.


Some providers of blackjack allow you to surrender if you see the cards and are not satisfied. In this case, the dealer returns only half of the bet back to your account. In fact, many providers do not allow you to pass the cards. So, make sure to read the rules of the game to be sure if it’s possible to do it.

How to define the winning hand?

The croupier starts the game after all gamblers complete their actions. Then, the dealer draws an additional card to the hand until the number of dealer’s points is equal to 17 or more. After that calculate the points and take into account the following:

  • If you have 22 points, then you lose regardless of the dealer’s points.
  • If the number of your points is more than dealers, but less than 21, then congratulations, you won.
  • You also win if the dealer’s hand is over 22 points, and your hand is lower or equal to 21.
  • When your hand and dealer’s hand are equal, then the bet is returned.
  • If the dealer has blackjack (21 points with 10 and Ace), but the player does not, the player loses and vice versa.
  • If the player collects blackjack and the dealer’s hand is lower, then the player wins.

How are winnings calculated?

In total, the game has several options for calculating winnings. These are loss, draw, win, and blackjack. Let’s consider each of them. For example, if the player wins, the winnings are paid according to the 2:1 scheme. If you bet $5, the prize will be $10. If you get a blackjack combination, you will receive a payout of 3:2, respectively you win $15 from the $5 bet.

Blackjack strategies

You are not prohibited from using existing strategies. However, no strategy will allow you to gain a big advantage over the casino. If you are just starting your blackjack career, we recommend using the action table. Thanks to it, you will be able to perform actions with the minimum mathematical advantage of the casino. In other words, you will make the most profitable bets for you. You can find this table on the Internet.

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The answer to this question depends on your objective. If you want to play just for fun, yes, it works. You can deposit, play, sometimes get payouts back from the casino. Though I doubt that this is what you really wish for. For the reason that people usually come to online casinos to win some extra money (as if they didn’t enjoy the salary), it often works for them too. But it always happens that online casinos are in a better position.

How can online casino work for you?

No matter how much or little you play, deposit or bet at a single game, casino will win over you. Or another player, or another one. It depends on when you stop. No one clearly understands it, and even if so, doesn’t follow this recommendation. Online casinos say to play responsibly but gamblers keep spinning. And this is their biggest mistake.

The only way to beat the casino

The thing is that you can be the winner only when you stop at the right time during the game. Once you win a good amount, make a couple of spins and go out if there are no successful ones anymore. Only this way is possible to beat the casino and make it work for you.

Thus and only you will see how the online casino really works in terms of bringing profit. But don’t get too fascinated about it. Still, the casino needs to make profit for itself too. So, if you lose all the money on slots, you just lose and never get them back.

Choose the trusted casino

Besides, remember to test the casino for trustworthiness before you deposit. It’s actually a very significant move if you wish online casinos were fair and really paid you out. The info on how to distinguish the ‘right’ casino is on our website. Check it out and follow the recommendations.

On the page above we have listed the best online casinos with the fastest payouts. Make sure to register only on the sites we mention. These casinos tend to be reliable and reputable. If you look for same-day withdrawals, check them out!

Recommendations for winning at a casino.

Everyone dreams about easy money. That is why the online casinos, million dollar Jackpots and impressive bonuses were created initially. However, you can hardly win a big sum unless you’re the luckiest guy in the world. So, what to do and how to win those desired millions if your hand is not lucky enough? I will tell you some recommendations. Please, take it seriously and use them wisely. Otherwise, they won’t make sense.

First of all, the gambler must be confident in the gambling site. Make sure it is trusted and really pays out. If you feel confused at this point, refer to our list of top trusted online casinos in the whole New Zealand.

Secondly, when you joined the real casino and managed to give it a couple of money losing spins, go back to the lobby. You should find the game having the highest return to player. For your information, the RTP is considered high if it’s over 95%. Where to find the RTP number? Basically, in the game rules.

  • A hint. You can make a wiser step and just find a list of all games RTP at your online casino. Usually, they place the document right on the website. Check the list and find the game with 99% RTP. In general, such games are table, like poker, blackjack or the old baccarat.

After you find the game, you need to practice it in free mode. No matter if you are a gambler with 20 years experience or a newbie in this game, you have to know the rules and how it behaves in practice. If you feel you have practiced enough, you can finally make a deposit and play for your money.

Play responsibly and don’t get addicted. If you have a feeling that something goes wrong, quit the game and complete it the next time. Surely, later you will have a cool head and easy hands.

Tips for jackpot

Finally, you can play progressive Jackpots from time to time. It’s always a sudden surprise to hit a Jackpot. Remember some tips for Jackpot and don’t get fully involved in gambling.

  • Spin Jackpot in the evening or at night. This time more players spin the big sum game. It means that one of these spins can be yours.
  • Don’t bet too much for a spin. It will not serve you well. If you hit the Jackpot, you’ll win the Jackpot money.
  • Play at the limited Jackpot games. In other words, daily or monthly ones. They are more likely to hit very soon, especially by the end of the period because it hasn’t been hit yet (if so).

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