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New Slots in March-April 2021

Using the examples of new slot machines in March-April, we will look at what gambling companies do when their own ideas run out. The big blame falls among leaders and the rise of novice developers makes them fight in a big competition, thereby making slots with big wins.

New slots from various brands appear regularly in online casinos. Every day, gambling software developers add an average of about 7 games to the total range of gambling entertainment. Not all players have enough bankroll to check out every new product and test their luck when playing for real money. In addition, I often want to pay attention to the previously selected slots. This review is aimed at helping a little with the choice of a game for gambling leisure. The collection of free slots new machines will provide an opportunity to check their gameplay, visuals, and chances of winning in demo mode.

New Slots March 2021

Winter is over and the spring influences in some way the designs of gambling products and the color palette of some new slots. There are more slot machines on the theme of the forest, leprechauns, nature. Although perhaps, this is pure coincidence, I would like to start this review with just such a slot machine about nature, miracles, precious stones, and pots of gold, with good winnings.

1. Emeralds Infinity Reels by Relax Gaming

The Relax Gaming provider has received an official license from ReelPlay to use the Infinity Reels feature in its games. And in the March release of the Emerald’s Infinity Reels slot, they are ready to demonstrate how they managed to implement such a mechanic.

Launching the Emeralds Infinity Reels slot machine with the function of endless reels, which is becoming more and more popular every day. The player will find himself in a forest, where a small waterfall quietly rustles. As well, a soft and mysterious glow hints that somewhere nearby is a leprechaun’s dwelling. And these funny creatures love to hide various jewelry in their bins.

The leprechaun, who became the main character of the Emeralds Infinity Reels slot, is always in a wonderful mood. He pulled out all his treasures and poured them into a magical waterfall, offering the player to collect as many valuable prizes as possible. The prize can reach 10,000x bets.

But, if the maximum win does not impress an experienced player who has not seen such drifts, then at least the bonus round with free spins will try to reduce the skepticism. Since the number of free spins of the slot can be replenished even when one scatter appears. And if you remember that the reels continue to be added with the prize combinations, then the slot will still receive an indulgent “yes” from a professional gambler.

There is a scatter in the game, but three scatter symbols will not be enough to trigger free spins. They need to be picked up during the moving coils, with a winning combination. On the one hand, this is not easy, especially when a slot with high volatility. But wilds with x2 multiplier will help to collect bonus symbols.

2. Easter Island 2

In March 2018, exactly three years ago, the Swedish studio Yggdrasil released a funny slot “Easter Island”. The plot of which presents the revived statues of the Pacific island, the mystery of which has not yet been solved. The developers decided to be funny and included jokes, fun, and parties.

In the new slot Easter Island 2, Maya is having a party and they invite everyone. Free entrance! But for those who prefer to win cash prizes, one should not stint on the bet. And most importantly – stop in time to pick up your money, and not put everything into a slot machine, as it sometimes happens.

For those who have not played the first part of the slot machine, we will tell you that among its special features there are not a lot of free spins. Only respins. But these re-spins are quite capable of giving out a good “drift”. Since more of those symbols appear on the reels that made up the first winning combination, which activated the re-spin. And the reels of the slot expand at the same time.

But in the second part “Easter Island” from Yggdrasil Gaming, there are much more specialized functions for respins:

  • Also an increase in the symbols from the winning combination
  • Regularly during respin, it pulls the seagull into the coils and spreads it to a large wild;
  • Symbols are able to transform into colossal blocks up to 4×4.

In the sequel to the Easter Island slot, there are re-spins with symbols expanding up and down, and the level of the maximum winning is 2,500x. It’s not perfect (like the leprechaun above), of course, but the volatility is also medium.

The official release date is set for March 25. So you can play Easter Island 2 slot for free or for real money in the top 10 online casinos in the world. To do this, just click on the link, choose the casino, and play!

3. Crown of Valor

For those who prefer medieval battles instead of the theme of rest on the islands, the company Quickspin has prepared its new slot machine Crown of Valor.

Playing it, the player will receive such functionality as:

  • collecting symbols,
  • random wilds,
  • multipliers that are not canceling during free spins,
  • cluster payments,
  • and all this is capable of bringing 15,500 bets.

Symbols switch in front of the siege of the fortress and the battle. Catapults throw fiery shells, you can hear the clang of axes and swords. But the player can speed up the events and buy three barrels of dynamite, which will destroy the gate and trigger free bonus spins.

The Crown of Valor slot should definitely be attributed to one of the brightest releases in March 2021.

4. House of Doom 2 – The Crypt

The creators from Play’N Go also decided to release a sequel to one of their previous works from three years ago. In March, a new history of the House of Destiny begins – the Crypt. And the heroine of the House of Doom 2 slot machine got into such a sad house. She has to fight the evil spirit of a terrible house. In the meantime, there are tough showdowns, gamblers who have chosen a slot for real money bets are collecting winnings.

Special wilds that expand and stick for re-spins, a multiplier of up to x20 on the total winnings during free spins, and a really creepy atmosphere that nevertheless allows you to win about 6,000 bets.
At the same time: skulls, demonic entities, a fight for your own life, and all this accompanied by the chords of hard rock in the House of Doom 2 –The Crypt slot machine from Play’N Go.

Top 3 New Slots with huge wins

Next, we have three new slot machines with great winning potential that will delight fans of gambling novelties with the highest volatility:

1. Viking Runes

Online slots developer TrueLab Games has been successfully working with the provider Yggdrasil for some time. Thanks to this cooperation, the developers gained access to the GATI technology and at the same time they release pretty good colorful slots with big wins. In March, the new TrueLab slot was Viking Runes with Cluster Pays mechanics.

Winning combinations of the Viking Runes slot activate special signs with special abilities and gradually bring the player closer to the bonus game with free spins. During free spins, all the fun begins: the game adds special wilds, improves symbols, does everything possible so that the player gets a winning combination. Moreover, a progressive multiplier is in effect in the prize round. All this allows you to hit a jackpot of 25,000x bets. And to check how interesting the slot and functionality are for playing for real money, the free mode is available.

But among the new products in March, there are slot machines with higher winning potential.

2. Fire in the Hole

The creators of gambling software, united under the NoLimit City brand, try to regularly release slots with high prize opportunities and create them with an interesting atmosphere, dynamic and, of course, with a set of special functions. All this is equipped with their new slot machine for playing on the Internet Fire in the Hole.

The Fire in the Hole slot is about gnomes diligently mining precious metals in a deep mine. Dynamites explode one after another and create stacks with wilds on the reels. Trolleys filled with a gold rush around and fill the gnome treasury, and during the Hold and Win style bonus round, the player’s bankroll is also added. By the way, the function of buying a bonus is available in two versions.

In the basic game, the symbols that make up the winning combination disappear and activate the respin, and each wild increases multiplier with a powerful explosion.

3. Gordon Ramsay: Hells Kitchen

Lately, Netent is making low-volatility slots with small wins. In March, this was the slot machine Gordon Ramsay about the famous American TV show Hells Kitchen.

The kitchen battles will now unfold on the gambling reels, but the top developer decided not to particularly increase the volatility in the new product, and with it the winning potential.

Of course, for a slot with low variance, the main win of 1000x is a good indicator, since in many games with this characteristic the maximum wins do not exceed 200 – 300 stake. But after winning hundreds of thousands of bets, in the same Dead or Alive 2, of course, seeing such characteristics is unusual.

Especially such slot machines are suitable for beginners who may not yet be ready to play on a high-volatility slot. Sometimes you have to wait for a win of more than a hundred spins.

As for the gameplay, there is nothing to complain about in the Gordon Ramsay slot. Bonus game, free spins, multipliers, each spin of the bonus round keeps you in suspense.

It will be interesting, of course, to look at the ratings of the slots in a few months and the reviews of real players. Maybe, in fact, slots with low volatility are starting to enter the growing trend.

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Yes. The independent rating includes only licensed casinos that comply with the laws of the licensor country and respect their players.

Slot machines have always been attraction number 1 for gamblers. From long ago the hot-eyed players came into the casino venues with big enthusiasm to play slots and win right away. It feels funny that even after decades people still can’t find the way to win at slots. This perfect mechanism run by RNG has hardly ever failed online casinos. Slots bring much profit to the sites and keep attracting players as if using some magic.

Not a single doubt arises when you read yet another news about the lucky man who won a big sum just spinning the reels. This feels unbelievable as every time you launch the game, you leave it with an empty wallet and angry emotions. How do they win? What is the secret?

Lucky guy

The truth is they are just lucky. This is the secret, the power, the what-you-need. Of course, it may sound too dramatic. Luck has nothing to do with automatic mechanisms like RNG. Still, luck is what we inviolately believe in.

You can’t influence your luck. It’s something given by nature. However, if you study the thoughts materialization and similar spiritual practices, you can approach winnings. But that’s all very dreamy, let’s get to the realistic methods.

Hints to win slots

What I am going to tell you are not really hints, they are rather recommendations. Try to use them even against your will. Even when your heart tells you to make another spin, follow the instructions in full obedience.

  1. The right slot. You should know which slot will make you win. It’s not a guarantee but slots with the RTPs over 95% tend to give the players’ money back to them. So, try to find an interesting slot with an average RTP of 97%.
  2. Practice makes perfect. Before you really deposit and place bets on slots, try to practise the selected game in a free mode. During the free game you can place whatever bet sum you want, you can try out all the bonus features and study the game behavior. As you feel confident in the slot, proceed to the real money mode.
  3. Small bets. Mind that the actual game is not like the free game. Here you can’t play max bet rounds unless you want your money to fly away. Your first several bets should be the smallest. Test the game for real money, don’t let the RNG spoil your day.
  4. Play with the RNG. The randomizer analyzes your bet amount, your total balance and your behavior during the whole session. It’s your right to change bets, you can do it with every spin. I guess you’ve already noticed that the reels and positions sometimes are failing with each following spin. And alternatively they give constant winning results. It’s the game of the RNG waiting for you to give up. But you can play with it too, Whenever it gives winnings, raise bets, when losses – lower it to the minimum.
  5. Quit at the right time. As soon as you catch the winning wave of the random results, quit the game after the first failing spin. It’s a high probability that you will have a losing track of rounds. It’s hard to stop but you have to press the cross sign. Realize that you’ve already won the slot! Only if you quit the game right away, you can maintain your winnings and withdraw them.

The answer to this question depends on your objective. If you want to play just for fun, yes, it works. You can deposit, play, sometimes get payouts back from the casino. Though I doubt that this is what you really wish for. For the reason that people usually come to online casinos to win some extra money (as if they didn’t enjoy the salary), it often works for them too. But it always happens that online casinos are in a better position.

How can online casino work for you?

No matter how much or little you play, deposit or bet at a single game, casino will win over you. Or another player, or another one. It depends on when you stop. No one clearly understands it, and even if so, doesn’t follow this recommendation. Online casinos say to play responsibly but gamblers keep spinning. And this is their biggest mistake.

The only way to beat the casino

The thing is that you can be the winner only when you stop at the right time during the game. Once you win a good amount, make a couple of spins and go out if there are no successful ones anymore. Only this way is possible to beat the casino and make it work for you.

Thus and only you will see how the online casino really works in terms of bringing profit. But don’t get too fascinated about it. Still, the casino needs to make profit for itself too. So, if you lose all the money on slots, you just lose and never get them back.

Choose the trusted casino

Besides, remember to test the casino for trustworthiness before you deposit. It’s actually a very significant move if you wish online casinos were fair and really paid you out. The info on how to distinguish the ‘right’ casino is on our website. Check it out and follow the recommendations.

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