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Top Online Casino Guide

How to beat an online casino. Good advice for beginners and experienced players.
Most likely, all gamblers are interested in the opportunity to beat the casino. In google, you can often see the following queries related to casinos: “Is there an honest online casino”, “Is it possible to beat an online casino” and “Winning schemes in an online casino”. Indeed, the majority of even professional gamblers cannot boast of big wins. On various forums, you will most likely find people who have won a couple of hundred dollars. Some players have earned more than $10,000, but many raise this amount over several years. There are, of course, professional players who can raise tens of thousands of dollars in a couple of months. To have higher chances read the top online casino guide!

Of course, we can only make all these winnings at honest, licensed casinos.

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How to beat casinos!

Random and distance (tactic)

How to beat an online casino? Read the top online casinos NZ, and you need to know a little about how slot machines work. Most of them use a random number generator. Indeed, such games give out really random numbers. People use it not only in casinos but also in statistics and cryptography. Knowing that the casino uses a random number generator, we can say for sure that there is no special attitude of a casino to bankrupt a player. And it would seem that there are accidents when I put 5 dollars into the account, played for a couple of days, lost $3. But on the third day, I got a jackpot of 10 dollars, and it seems that it’s really easy to win.

The gambler deposit more money into the account to make the jackpot bigger, and so he plays, tests the slot machines. But even after a few successful wins in a week or two, it turns out to be zero. Some understand that it is unrealistic to win and leave the casino, especially stubborn players who continue to pour in money and try to win.

The casino registers the winnings considering the number of slots, signs, and the probability of a particular combination on the reels. If you can and raise a good amount in a day or two, the longer you play, the more you will tend to lose. In casinos, jackpots are prescribed in such a way that in a long-distance for every $100 you will win about 95. It will lead to a gradual loss of your funds.

Guide of how to win

There is no 100% way to win, and it will unlikely appear. If a player knows how to beat the casino, he will not tell anybody, since then the casinos will have to keep many players out. But nevertheless, there are some simple tips:

High or Low variance slots

Take into account the mathematical data when choosing a game. Most novice players choose games simply by design and music, which is not the right thing to do. If you want to really win, you shouldn’t play high variance games. High variance means you won’t actually see a win. Yes, perhaps in a hundredth share of the probability you will win and the jackpot will change your whole life, but you should not hope for such a low chance. If you play games with low variance, be sure that you will not need to ask how to beat an online casino. The victories will be regular, but small. Of course, if you have a lot of money for constant bets, you can play games with high variance, but for most people, we recommend following the tactics described above.


Bonuses. We can’t live without them? This is not the best advice since all casinos offer bonuses just to attract players. Indeed, even if you win, the bonuses need to be wagered. Not everyone is able to wager them completely and be in the black. Nevertheless, casinos take some risk that gamblers may take their own funds. Of course, the chance of a jackpot with bonus money is still low, but higher than you played without any bonuses at all.

Create a strategy

Have a game plan. In all casino movies, the lucky protagonist always finds a winning scheme that ruins the casino. Likewise, every player should not rely only on Lady Fortune. Playing in the casino is fun, and mostly randomness takes over here, however, those who have a mathematical mindset and who can carefully place bets win here.

Don’t go all in

Don’t try to win back your losses. This advice applies not only to casinos but also to
bookmakers. All novice players, one way or another, after a series of losses, think that I am about to win back. Unfortunately, this does not work like that, if you have lost money, you should not go all in and try to win big cash right away. Most likely, you will simply lose the rest of your funds. The best tactic here is to follow the plan if you have one, either follow it and win in the long run, but never try to get back just that lost money.

Set your bet limits

Set a limit on your bets. If you won a huge amount of money, do not rush to bet it. It is better to continue playing according to a pre-developed plan. If you are used to betting at 5-10 dollars, continue doing this, it is not worth splitting your won 1000 into 50-100 dollars. Your goal is to win, and big victories are made up of small ones. If you win, then withdraw your funds and play with your limit.

Test games in demo mode. Indeed, for all games with a demo mode, there is fake money you can play with no risk. In case of loss, just reload the page. The demo mode is not very popular among gamblers, most of the players do not enjoy the gameplay without a chance to win real money. Study the game up and down, find out which slots give prizes. Roughly calculate the probability of a particular combination falling out. After learning the game, you can wager real money.

How to beat an online casino or a doubling scheme

Probably, many players have heard of the system, which is also used in betting on matches and sports events. This scheme is based on the fact that every time you lose a new bet, you make twice as much as the previous one. The fact is that most often the winning amount is at least twice bigger the current bet. In both cases of increasing and decreasing the bet, there will still be a moment when the jackpot will pay off all previous bets.

The problem with this scheme is that no one knows how long the sequence of your losses will last. The fact is that the rates grow exponentially, and it seems that having put 1, 2, or 4 dollars at the beginning is not much. But you can lose in a row more than 5-6 times, for example, 15-20 times. And perhaps you will no longer have enough of your own funds to cover losses.

It is also possible, not to get your winnings when you reach the amount of 512 dollars or 1024 and won. It is hardly possible to recommend this scheme, but this is the first tactic that players start to use when they want to beat the casino. Also, if the win exceeds the bet by only 2-3 times, then the scheme will not help much. You will win all previous bets back, but your profit will be very small.

Become a famous person on the Internet

This is a little-known scheme. In fact, it is based on real casino deception, but it will be very difficult to breed casinos in this way. If you wondering how to beat online casinos, famous people who advertised casinos will answer you that you need to become the casino itself. Indeed, online casinos often order advertisements from well-known video bloggers. They play in casinos showing the real experience of how to win. These videos always show that this famous person almost always wins.

In fact, it has nothing to deal with luck. Simply, the casino gives special codes and passwords under which these fake players play. Surely, there are custom algorithms for such players. This is done, in order to show a high probability of victory. All of these videos are produced to attract naive newbies. But if you are not a beginner and want to cheat the casino, become a well-known video blogger, and soon the casino administration will contact you with a deal. Feel free to agree, play, but give codes/passwords to your friends who can quickly raise money using them.

Beat the casino in cards

Not the most popular answer to the question “How to beat online casinos”, as most people play video slots, not cards. But if you like playing cards, play like a pro, you just need to count the cards that are out of the game. There is nothing complicated here, the number of cards in the game is limited, some of them are in the bank, some are broken, some are in the hands of the players. Just look and remember where the cards go, and you can better guess what cards are in your opponent’s hands and make the right move.

How to beat the roulette wheel? Strategies

1. Method or strategy of Martingale

We described this strategy earlier. In general, this is to increase the rate after a loss. There are simple options with a bet on even or odd/red or black, there are more complex options and varieties with bets on a certain number.

Basically, by increasing the next bet, you expect that after the next loss, you will get your money back and remain in some profit.

In general, almost all sites praise this strategy as working and what you can earn from it. Of course, you can make money on it, but the chance of earning is very small. There is a 25% chance that you will bet the amount and double the initial one in two moves. However, in the long run, you will always lose. No matter how hard you try, absolutely always your amount will grow, but it may turn out that your rate has already skyrocketed and is more than $10k and you decide to stop and your winnings are only $10.

There are too many disadvantages to this strategy. Another problem is that in many casinos there are restrictions on the size of the bet. Therefore at step 7, you can run into the limit of the bet, but you have not yet entered the winnings, and the length of the losing streak can be very long up to 20 or more times. Therefore, with additional conditions, there is no chance to win.

2. Various variations of the past strategy

On the internet, you can find various variations of the above strategy, but their whole essence lies in the same mechanism There are strategies for betting on a single number that is absolutely useless unless you are a billionaire, where your bet will have to increase the amount equal to the number of numbers on the roulette wheel. There are more generous ones in some variations of roulette, where the probability of a bet is higher and, accordingly, if you lose, you need to increase the bet a smaller number of times.

3. Calculation of the trajectory of the ball

This strategy works only for a real casino, not a virtual one. This method requires some skill. You may have to get a home casino roulette and scroll the ball watching its movement forever. It may help you to predict the trajectory of its movement and the number where it will stop. In general, this method was proposed by scientists who, using a computer, analyzed the movement of the ball.

The downside is that you are unlikely to be able to perfectly predict the ball’s movement. There are too many variables, and the human brain is incapable of analyzing such a very specific task. Also, especially smart casinos make their own special roulettes, and also sometimes place small magnets, which influence and deflect the ball as it moves. Also, in many casinos, you can bet before the ball starts scrolling. And also often casinos close the possibility of betting at the moment when the ball has almost stopped.

4. Hacker methods

Of course, this does not apply at all to the roulette theme, but rather to the entire casino, but why not?

In conclusion, it should be said that there are no effective methods for cheating roulette. Even reputable scientists are working on a scheme to beat it, but no legal methods to beat such a game are known to this day. Therefore, if you love casinos, we strongly recommend you to play only in licensed casinos, which provide fair results. All of them give false hope of victory, and an ordinary person will still lose, and only the casino will win. You can, of course, try, try to play, but it is impossible to find a really working scheme, 99% of sites simply copy the scheme from each other.

How to beat slot machines? Basic principles.

Perhaps the most important and fundamental when playing for real money is the 10% law. Of course, this applies not only to slot machines but in general to any gambling games where it is necessary to place bets.

The fact is that you need to bet no more than 10% of the wallet. If you want to win, and not just hope for the old lady fortune, you should never make big bets.

Everyone has their ups and downs. Sometimes feeling a good streak of wins, we want to make a big bet in the hope that it plays like the previous bets and this will seriously increase the pot. Unfortunately, no one knows how to predict 100% so far, and many got burned out on this, having put too large a sum on the line. Over the long run, betting no more than 10% of the pot amount. So yes, you will have ups and downs, but with this approach, you will minimize the likelihood of losing your entire pot.

This principle is modified in different ways because after each bet the pot size changes and is not equal to the initial one. Some continue to bet 10% of the initial pot, some bet the same 10% of the updated pot size. In general, it is recommended not to bet more than 10% of the initial pot until it doubles. If, on the contrary, you had a series of losses, then at 50% of the initial pot, you should start placing bets equal to half of the initial ones.


Unfortunately, no matter what schemes one comes up with, all of them have long been studied by casino developers and owners. All happy success stories are beautiful in their own way, but there are even more failure stories.

As one wise man said, “In the store, you can find books about how someone made a million, but you will never find books from those many people who never made their million no matter how hard they tried.”

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Many top online casinos provide new players with no deposit bonuses for completing registration. The no-deposit amounts rarely exceed $10. The wagering coefficients often reach x50.

For each bonus, the online casino sets its own wager, which indicates the multiplier for wagering. The reward amount is multiplied by the current coefficient. For example, the wagering multiplier is x10, the player received a $50 bonus on the deposit. For wagering, you need to place bets totaling at least $ 500 ($ 50 x 10). After that, you can request a cashout. If you create an application earlier, the bonus is canceled along with the winnings from it. Less often, the wagering conditions apply to both the bonus and the deposit. In this case, in order to wager, the player needs to scroll through the total amount of the promotion and the payment made.

Random number generators are responsible for the operation of slots in online casinos. This is the special program responsible for the random loss of winnings. They work on all machines, video slots, even roulette. This ensures unpredictable and fair gameplay.

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