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Is It possible to Win the Jackpot in 2021?

History of jackpots

As gambling history says, the first large jackpot on the virtual casino was made in the late 90s. The winner got 440,000 dollars. But, it was not enough. And after a couple of years, another lucky player won a new jackpot in the virtual casinos. This one has already exceeded 1,200,000 dollars. If you are curious, these big winnings were obtained playing on slot machines, but not on table games or roulette. Of course, this is not it. The biggest win in the history of online gambling belongs to the guy from Britain. He managed to win 17.88 million dollars in Mega Moolah in the Betway online casino.


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However, we are most interested in winners from New Zealand. Several years ago, the guy from New Zealand earned 10.14 million New Zealand dollars on Mega Moolah. The young man played in a popular video slot Mega Moolah and unexpectedly changed his life. He got 10,144,395.82 New Zealand dollars, which is approximate. He was shocked, but happy, and able to get everything he wanted.

How do Jackpots influence casino popularity?

In order to make the online casino more attractive, owners use a mass of cunning techniques. They promise no deposit bonuses, compensation for frequent losses, but all this is not as interesting as Jackpots. Almost every game site shows the scoreboard, where players can see how much each player earns. Sometimes the winnings contain several zeros.

Is it possible to hit the jackpot at the casino in 2021?

First of all, we need to know how much the casino owners make. In fact, this million dollar winning, which accumulated in Jackpot in a few months, is a negligible amount. As a result, the owners can easily afford to pay such big sums.

Is Jackpot real?

There is a casino where it is impossible to get a jackpot. They create fake winnings and invent sums randomly. In general, this technique is very useful to keep players’ attention. However, such casinos, generally, are not licensed and close quickly, so I will not even mention them. Playing licensed, well-known, and safe online casino sites, it is quite realistic to win.

Is it possible to hit the jackpot at the casino?

All casinos in the ranking offer jackpots. Each casino is tested by independent experts as well as millions of players. As a rule, different casinos provide jackpots at different slot machines. The chances and sizes also defer from slot to slot. Generally, some casinos offer slots with small but frequent jackpots, and vice versa.

I truly love gambling, but for several months of playing, I managed to hit the jackpot at the Jackpot City casino only once. Unfortunately, these were not millions of dollars, but only $300, although such a win was a pleasant surprise.

There are two types of Jackpots: progressive and fixed. Sometimes casino owners set a large amount to increase customer activity, and in other cases they just add a percentage of all losses to the total pot.

Progressive jackpot techniques

If the only goal for you is to hit the jackpot, you need to stick to a special technique. No matter how big your deposit is, don’t play big.

  • Rule number one is to play at the minimum stakes. Divide your budget and place minimum bets. As it says, a slot machine can “shoot” the jackpot at any moment, so the more bets you make, the more chances you have.
  • The second rule is to read the rules for winning the jackpot. Sometimes you have to place a certain size bet. Moreover, pay attention to the withdrawal requirements, they can be strict. All in all, we do not recommend you to take bonuses seriously. If you really enjoy gambling, keep playing regardless of the jackpot.

To be honest, the likelihood that you will become the lucky jackpot owner is extremely small. So keep playing and even small jackpots of several hundred dollars will make your day.

How to win small jackpots at slot machines?

How to win at slot machines? First, you need to understand how the winning mechanism works. The aim of such machines is to bring profit to the owner. To learn how to beat slot machines, you should familiarize yourself with the main criteria.

Important factors:

Online casino reputation

Large and reputable casinos value their reputation and are strictly against scamming. It is not profitable for them to lose new players.


Casino owners with Microgaming, NetEnt, Evolutions Gaming and other software offer high RTP slots, with no possibility to customize the RNG settings. In this case, the players are much more likely to receive their “legal” winnings.

RNG secrets

To win, you need to learn the secrets of the random number generator. We are talking about the automatic determination of random numbers or their combinations. There is no theory of probability that can help you calculate these numbers. Unfortunately, there is no chance to hack the RNG legally. There are other tips for winning. We’ve been collecting these tips for a long time, and we will gladly share them with you!

Be responsible

  • Limit the amount of money you want to place at the casino in advance. Choose a number, for example, a thousand of dollars, and this is your extreme limit, beyond which you will not cross under any circumstances.
  • Make sure to limit the time that you are ready to spend also in advance. You can set an alarm clock and immediately leave the casino with the first signal. Be responsible and you will win.

Play with your money

It sounds obvious, but the budget you collected to play with must be from your savings, not loans or money from your friends.

Choose reliable sites

Play on reliable sites with a perfect reputation (for example, play those, that we mentioned above);

Don’t use dumb techniques

Avoid going all-in, since it is an extremely dumb technique for newbies in gambling. Whatever you play, it is better to divide your budget across several bets;

Control your passion

  • The desire to beat the sh’t out of the “dumb” machine will lead you to the loss of your last money. If you wish to blow your wallet, go ahead and fight against the slot machine. But we advise you to become friends.
  • In addition to passion, completely eliminate alcohol before playing. Of course, if you want to have a good time and lose your money, you’re welcome. Otherwise, alcohol gives you confidence, you become more risky and start to avoid the important rules. And even if you think you can manage the gameplay while being drunk, I’m sure you don’t
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The gambling industry is just the same as any other industrial field. Online casinos refer to the online gambling industry, to be more exact. Anyway, this occupation takes its position in the world economy. The online gambling business prospers making new sites appear on the market.

And like any other business, online casinos must be regulated by special laws and authorities in the field. The laws of your country state whether gambling is permitted or not. The specific bodies related to gambling act according to the laws of their countries and have a right to issue official licenses for online casinos.

The most known regulating authorities are Malta Gaming Authority, UK Gambling Commission, Gibraltar, Curacao and others. Under their jurisdictions the online casinos are obliged to follow the terms. If some rule was violated by the casino site, including mistreatments of users, the licensee imposes fines and even some restrictions up to casino closure.

There is also a different type of regulating bodies. They issue certificates to prove the games provided by the casino are fair. The popular authorities are the eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance or just eCOGRA. Them and Independent Auditors carry on constant tests on all the casino games. The whole variety of the online games are tested for randomness and fairness. As for the random games, they are powered by RNG mechanism.

This is what you should know about casino regulation. Besides, as these bodies operate the work of legit casino sites, you should primarily test a selected gambling site accordingly. Check if gambling is legal in your country, if the casino has a license and certificates. Every respected online casino must provide this information to the public’s view.

To do this, you need to enter the “Cashier” section of the selected casino. In the “top-up” tab, the size of the minimum deposit for each payment system will be written.

Internet banking is a method for online payments that allows us to transfer funds from banking card to online casino account (in gambling). This also refers to eWallets that keep your banking card in their accounts. With the help of internet banking, players can make deposits to online casinos, and receive special welcome bonuses if they deposit using e-wallet (internet banking).

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