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Online Casinos vs Sports Betting

We have been noticing the significant growth of online gambling and betting sites over the past decade. Although online casino sites appeared in 1994, many people did not see this as an entertainment activity. But it is worth noting that gambling back then was not as developed as today. In fact, 20 years later, the gambling law has changed, new technologies have appeared thereby attracting millions of players. Nowadays, over 1,7 billion players enjoy gambling and 17% of all people gamble online from time to time.

Sports betting and online casino betting are two of the most popular gambling types. On this page, we are trying to answer the question, which one is better: placing on sports teams or spinning reels at casino slots. If you’re trying to choose one of these, and do not know which one is yours, stay tuned. To deeply analyze these types of gambling, we present you with the pros and cons of sports and casino betting.

Why is Sports Betting So Popular?

Basically, sports betting is about sports, and people love it. We all somehow feel the connection to sports. Some love playing football (soccer), others love watching rugby matches. Attending the sporting event raises the adrenaline levels that come from watching your favorite team. For most people, watching sports is the best thing in the world. We love to make predictions and hope for the winning of our favorite team. As a result, this feeling gets sports lovers hooked on sports betting.

In addition, sports betting gives a feeling of involvement in the team or sports event. It gets the feeling of participation. Of course, some players place bets regardless of the sport type and team. They consider it a hobby and try to make money on sports betting. However, if we combine sports betting and the love and connection to a certain sport, it will lead to really good results and big winnings.

Why Are Online Casinos So Popular?

The casino gambling industry has grown tremendously. In 2021, it’s very easy to find a reliable gambling site by reading reviews, analyzing the top online casinos NZ, or just testing them out by yourself. The gambling market has brought many innovations and new features to online casino games. Therefore, it led to more positive emotions, more joy, and an adrenaline rush. In addition, you will always have a chance to hit the jackpot or a large prize when playing slots, table games, and tournaments.

Also, online casinos do not require any knowledge of players. Before the game, just make sure to read the rules, and terms with conditions of the casino. If everything is good, register an account, deposit some funds, get the bonus (if possible) and find the game you like. The whole process is very accessible and instant.

The main differences

Sports betting and casino games have good and bad sides. Fans of sports betting cannot hit multi-million jackpots, however, they can implement gambling strategies. Moreover, bettors should be aware of the players’ statistics, news about transfers, and performance statistics to predict the possible outcome of the game. So, be careful with sports betting, since a single bet will not bring great winnings.

On the other hand, online slots can bring huge winnings, especially if you hit the jackpot. The history of casino winnings gives inspirational information. Many lucky players have managed to win multi-million jackpots. However, the chance is really low. But you have to understand that online casinos are not only about jackpots. Regular winnings can bring 10x, 20x, 100x of your bet.

Moreover, playing online slots you have to deal with the house edge, and the casino will always end up winning. Betting on sports won’t touch you with the house edge, however, the owners of betting sites take the margin.

What to choose?

All in all, it depends on your personal preferences. To conclude, sports betting is fun and will possibly bring some money if you show the knowledge. However, playing online casinos is the fast way to start your gambling journey and possibly end up winning good cash. Let’s hope for a gigantic jackpot. We have mentioned all advantages and disadvantages of both types of gambling, now you decide what to choose.

Online Casinos vs Sports Betting
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Players are obliged to deposit the minimum amount to the account for receiving the won funds. Otherwise, the transaction will not work.

How to define the legality of this casino?

First of all, identify the main regulator. It shows the degree of loyalty the casino provides to its users. For example, the Grand Mondial casino is licensed by Kahnawake Gaming Commission, as a result, the casino was strictly tested by the safety options. Kahnawake GC, Malta GA, UK Gambling Commission are the trusted platforms in the gambling industry. In case you see one of these regulators in the description of the casino, be sure, the casino is safe. Moreover, there is another company which checks the safety of casinos. I’m talking about the eCOGRA. This company issues the certificates of the fair activities in the casino.


All things considered, there is nothing difficult to identify the legality of a casino. Just make sure you checked two factors I mentioned and play safely.

As soon as you join the online casinos world and may have already spent a couple of hundreds on games, you don’t want to lose anymore. Your only chance left is to learn how to play wisely. Using some knowledge, you can win a lot more than usual. Of course, it may not save you from losing as far as the games’ results are random. But it can help you try to win every time you play. I’m going to tell you some simple but true pieces of advice on how to make every game work on you.

Right casino is required

Before you start to play games and join the online casino itself, you need to choose it. The very correct way to choose the casino is to check it for the following points.

  • Licence. Every well-reputable casino has a licence. Usually issued by MGA, UKGC, Curacao, Costa Rica or others.
  • Terms. Read the conditions and policy thoroughly. If something confuses you, it can be a wrong online casino.
  • Feedback. Don’t ever deny comments on the online casino you choose. The real comments from real players can be the key to searches of the perfect casino.

Game with a high pay

Indeed, what helps you to win is the game itself. Each game has an RTP percentage. It’s the amount of money you return. Remember that RTP must be over 95%. If it’s lower, don’t waste your time and money on this game. The percentage is given in the game rules, so you’ll easily find it. In general, the highest RTPs are found in table games like blackjack and poker. Slots are considered to have low RTPs. But you can still find good ones from Microgaming or NetEnt.

Master the game

The most useful thing you can do to win money is to learn the game you’re playing. Being a professional at one and only online game is extremely important. You have to learn the game rules and practice it a million times. It doesn’t mean that you need to play all this time for money. Alternatively, use the free mode to master the game. Once you feel like a guru of the game, proceed to real money mode of gaming.

Use strategy

Even though you’re a professional, you can’t just play the game and win. It doesn’t work like this. You have to build a strategy. It can be a betting strategy when you play slots, for example. Firstly, bet the smallest amount, then bet gradually higher, and maybe again low. It’s your strategy according to your game knowledge,

In case you play table games, for example, roulette, you can also use the betting strategy. Let yourself bet on several options with various bet sizes. For example, everyone knows that in order to win at roulette one should place bets on odds and even, or other cross-related sections.

Remember about promos

Promotions are supposed to be beneficial for players. Equally for online casinos though. Learn the promo page of your casino, especially the wagering requirements for each offer. Choose a promo and use it wisely to benefit more from an online game. Implement the promo into your gaming strategy, thus you’ll get more chances to win every time you play.

Stop at the right time

The final hint for your next winning round is to stop. Once you are a winner, quit the game. Right away. Don’t make other spins. It’s the main mistake of all gamblers. They never know when to stop and lose more and more with every step. Make different moves. Stop playing as soon as your balance gets higher than the initial. It’s your most obligatory step if you want to win every time.

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