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What keeps beginners from winning?

Playing casinos, you can feel a wide range of emotions. The main question is why some gamblers end up being rich and happy, while others lose their money and get depressed? The biggest mistake is to blame your fortune after leaving the casinos with an empty wallet. You should analyze your mistakes during the gameplay, and never do it again. We made a list of 5 common newbie mistakes, especially for you.

1. Victory is the Most Important Thing (lie)

You should never think of 100% wins, since it puts pressure on the psyche, and might lead to making wrong decisions. Professional players with a lot of experience try to enjoy the game regardless of the result. Therefore, players should consider gambling as entertainment and enjoy the process, but not only the winning moments. It’s important to learn how to lose, since no one can win consistently. It will help you to avoid stress and depression.

2. Increase the amount of the stake to Reverse the game

When we lose the round, we want to increase the stake in order to return the lost money. This strategy can be useful, but if you know how to correctly increase the stake. Avoid the strategy, otherwise you will lose all your wallet. If you don’t know how to use strategies, read on about online casino tips and strategies, or try to practice free games at New Zealand’s online casinos.

3. Martingale strategy

The strategy requires doubling the stake every time you lose until a win occurs. Sometimes it works, but many people make the same mistakes. Whether they don’t have enough money to double the stake, or the casino does not provide enough maximum bet.

4. House Edge

A gambling site is always in a more beneficial position. Any slot machine is customized in such a way that when you place a large number of bets, the edge is likely to be on the casino side. However, probability theory still works perfectly, and your arrogance often becomes the cause of failure.

5. Game Pace

Each game requires a different number of decisions per minute. For example, playing Baccarat, Poker, you need to make around 150-200 decisions every hour. However, playing roulette requires 4-5 times less. These games have a small house edge, but still can play a huge role at high rates.

6. Choosing the wrong online casino

One of the biggest mistakes of the newbies is choosing the wrong online casino. Many people think that casinos in the tops are always the best and payout the most. But you should choose the casinos according to several criteria. The first is license. All casinos must be licensed since always licensed casinos can protect players from fraudsters. Therefore, all casinos in our top 10 online casinos have reputable licenses.



Many players keep making the same mistakes at online casinos and end up losing everything. We recommend you to analyze the situation after each game, and develop a solid strategy. It’s necessary to remember the mistakes and miscalculations to avoid them next time. But remember, you play to have fun, but not to earn money. Keep this in mind and you will avoid gambling addictions and money problems in real life.

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The online casinos make people feel concerned about their fairness and real existence at all. It derives back from history that casinos are hard to trust, say nothing of the online casinos. They are, basically, just online platforms with games. You can’t enter them like a land-based casino, you can’t touch the slot machines or tables.

Still, the number of online gamblers increases every year. This makes sense to suppose that the sites are real and trusted. People really come, play and win. To tell the truth, there is no better proof than the real players who win money.

How do I know the online casino is real?

In fact, this is very easy to check. The casino site must meet the requirements of the legalized casino. What are these requirements? Generally, the real sites are transparent and have the necessary info right on the site.

  • Company data. Like any other industrial company, the casino head company must be officially registered. The owners register sites according to the country jurisdictions thus they have official docs and info about the company. Usually you can see this info in the bottom of the casino webpage.
  • License. A casino site is nothing without a license. Players will hardly trust it. So, it’s vital for the gambling sites to request for a license. The most reputable licensees are the MGA and the UKGC. However, there are authorities from other countries that issue the official papers. You can see the license sign on the gambling site too. It means that the casino is real.
  • Certificates. The seals of approval is yet another thing which you need to search for on the site page. The seals have logos of eCOGRA or Independent Auditors. They are the bodies that test the games and confirm they are fair and random. These certificates of approval are quite important as online gaming is your actual activity on the casino.


The real casinos are easy to find judging by the mentioned points: company info, licenses and certificates. However, even this is not the 100% guarantee that the casino is not fake. The frauds can simply place some fake info on their site. To avoid this you need to go further with the investigation: search for the license number and company info on other web sources. It will help you to understand if the site is completely real, safe and well-trusted.

The real winnings are the most questionable issue of online gambling activity. Anyone can easily fall for it, but no one actually sees the promising Jackpots. Indeed, you will hardly find a weekly or monthly list of casino winners. The reason is that the only continuous winner of online games is the casino itself. The players are just players who sometimes win, and sometimes lose. So, is it really worth playing for money in online casinos?

Is it really worth playing for money in online casinos?

The fact is that you have to be super lucky to win a big sum of money. Despite the randomization of games, you will leave some percent of your money to casinos. The algorithms are set for this. So, you will hardly avoid it.

You can have a big chance of winning in one case only – if you follow certain strategies and tips. Add your professional responsibility of being patient and avoiding addiction to games. Thus you can win with online casinos more often than loose.

These tips are all based on responsible gambling. Actually, this is the reason why everyone including casinos themselves advise you to play responsibly. Let me tell you some secrets of winning online games.

Useful tips to win more often

  • Watch the gameplay. Before actual betting make sure you understand the game. The way it works, bonus rounds and the pay system influence your total result. Practice the favourite game in a free mode, first. After you learn the rules and feel like playing for money, deposit.
  • Start at the lowest. Unless you are a high roller with a bunch of bucks, place the first bets on minimum. Raise it gradually and only when you feel like it.
  • Quit on time. The key to high payouts is the finishing on time. When you have a big win, stop, don’t try to spin again and again in order to raise the balance. Remember that the following results can be failing, and you won’t be able to return to the former success later. It’s better to quit the game and proceed to withdrawing.
  • Follow the algorithms. Although online casinos swear their games are fully random, it’s not really like this. Online casinos must keep their house edge steady, so the randomized algorithms are set to make you lose and win from time to time. This is the so-called rollercoaster. If you play a lot, you might notice that sometimes you lose, and not only money but also the courage. Don’t get upset. The online casinos drive you to this spirit, so you quit the game with the lost (paid to casino purse) money. After you have a little sum, the algorithms will drive you forward. You will constantly gain good winning results until you overcome your initial budget. At this point you can raise the bet amount. As soon as your next spin or hand is failing, quit the game. It’s time for withdrawal.

Every NZ gambler has been waiting for this moment. The top famous New Zealand casino – land-based SkyCity – has finally come online. It happened in August of 2019, so basically, it has been well operating for more than a year now. Right at this time players from the whole New Zealand country can enjoy the SkyCity atmosphere from their homes. The online casino was created with the help of the Gaming Innovation Group provider. The company specializes in poker games, online casino games and various sports betting activities online.

Registering at the SkyCity you can stay perfectly sure that you are in the safe place even though online. The thing is that land-based casinos always arise more confidence than the online ones. So, this is just an Internet version of the land-based SkyCity. Besides, you can start your journey to SkyCity right from your mobile device.

The NZ players are even in advantage when they join online the newly made casino. SkyCity presents welcoming gifts to the NZ players like free spins for a couple of games and up to $100 bonus upon depositing. The SkyCity gamblers can have a lot of fun from playing progressive slots to betting online. All the payment methods are convenient for kiwi players.

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