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Major Myths and Fears around Gambling

1st myth: Customized Settings in Roulette

Some people think that playing roulette does not make sense because casino owners custom the main settings of the roulette, making it impossible to win. Gamblers say that casino owners can use some kind of secret scheme to help players win or lose. There is a myth that experienced dealers can make the roulette wheel stop at a special moment. Fortunately, this is not true. The position at which the roulette stops cannot be predetermined by a licensed casino. Down below, you will find the section with a full description of how to choose a licensed casino.

2nd myth: Gambling is rigged

People most often avoid gambling because they do not believe that it is possible to win in a casino. One of the most common false assumptions is that casino games are rigged, so the player will definitely be cheated. In fact, casinos cannot organize winnings or losses on their whim, because this would be a clear fraud, which is prohibited by law.

Since the state of most countries with legal gambling regulates this area of ​​activity, players should have no doubts about the honesty of the results, even if they are playing online. Also, there are special sites that test and select reliable casinos where you can quickly get your winnings. Thus, they recommend THIS TOP of online casinos, that are safe to play. Therefore, there is no point in accusing the casino of foul play if you lose.

3d myth: There are “hot” and “cold” slot machines

Sometimes players divide machines into so-called “hot” and “cold”. Many players believe that if a slot machine often gives winning streaks, it is “hot”. And if winning combinations appear rarely, then it can be called “cold”. In this regard, people are afraid to use the wrong machine and become a victim of a bad choice of the machine. This approach to the game is absolutely wrong. In fact, the winning and losing streaks have nothing to do with a slot machine, since its programming provides for randomness.

4th myth: Online gambling is illegal

One of the widespread myths associated with online gambling is the claim that online gambling is illegal. Unfortunately, most people believe that only land-based casinos are government-regulated. But this is not true, because online platforms also comply with legal rules and regulations. The legislation regulates online gambling so as to ensure its maximum security.

5th myth: Online gambling is financially dangerous

Many people have a fear of conducting financial transactions on online platforms due to the risk of a bank account being hacked and money stolen. But the truth is, reputable sites take security measures to protect users. Of course, not all online casinos are trustworthy. Therefore, you should first make sure that the site is secure before making any transactions.

To do this, you can read several reviews of top paying online casinos NZ on our site. Check if there are complaints about slow payments and restrictions on how often you can withdraw funds. Also, you need to make sure that the site has SSL data encryption, which will ensure the protection of all transactions. Another important indicator of the security level is https: //, which can be checked in the address bar of the site.

Is it worth playing?

The gambling industry is shrouded in a lot of myths and fears that keep people from using casinos. Despite the fact that some of them are difficult to dispel, this market grows every year, attracting more and more players who have decided to part with their prejudices.

It is impossible to give an unambiguous answer to the question of whether everyone should gamble because everyone must make a choice based on their own preferences and values. But at the same time, it makes sense to destroy the most common and ridiculous myths associated with the field of gambling. So that all people have the opportunity to make an informed decision based on real facts. We hope this article helped you take a more realistic look at the casino game, however, we recommend you keep reading to learn the main characteristics of legal online casinos in New Zealand.

New Zealand Online Casinos

Jackpot City

Spin Casino

Royal Vegas

All Slots

Lucky Nugget

Leo Vegas

Beginners often ask: which online casino is the best to play? The correct answer is a casino with a license. The main advantage of such gambling sites is that they guarantee safety and honesty. Why can you trust licensed online casinos? The thing is that in order to obtain a certificate, a casino must go through the certification procedure. During the certification process by independent experts, they check the casino properly. And only if it meets the criteria of reliability, a verified online casino can get a license. It is important that not a single owner of a certified online casino, having passed all the certification authorities, will dare to break the rules. Otherwise, losing the license will lose the trust of the players.

Experts check

Interest in online casinos is rising rapidly nowadays. Therefore, there are experts who are aimed at studying and evaluating the very activities of online casinos. Currently, many of the gambling experts, provide their point of view. They provide the analytics of the current situation on the gambling market. Analytical material and assessment of the situation in the gambling business allow you to receive information about the online casino of interest. Namely: the purity of the game, the preference among experienced gamblers and novice gamblers, a competitive advantage among other online casinos.

Casino rating by players reviews

Experts give a professional point of view, and players show a real gaming experience.

Players are the main source of information for the interested group of people, as with constant visits to online casinos, they can reveal technical problems (about the quality of the support service; problems in the work of the site; illegal blocking of accounts), which can lead to a decrease in the rating and churn of users. However, not all reviews can be trusted, as bad faith may arise among players. An example would be bribing a user review by competitors. All factors must be taken into account when compiling honest ratings.

Good returns of a casino

An important factor that indicates a casino’s position at the top is a good return. Many gamblers visit the casino for the purpose of having fun, but also for the opportunity to receive a win.

The interest of gamblers depends on the return of slot machines. If the return is set to a low win rate, then this will lead to a loss of interest among the players, therefore, it is impractical to play on such a site.

The check of the real percentage of return is carried out when playing a certain number of games, where each result obtained is fixed and calculated according to a certain formula. The result of the calculations is the return percentage. For example, a casino is in the top place in the rating due to its good return, which is about 96-97%, while in a bad one it may be below 90%.

There is a way to check the return of an online casino. We advise you to check the site of the game provider. This method consists of the fact that you need to go to the official website of the software manufacturer and specify the name of the slot in the search, which will allow you to get the necessary information.

Quick withdrawal of money

Also, an important and pleasant indicator is the quick withdrawal of the won money. If the prize is big enough, then you want to get it as soon as possible. Not all online casinos can offer a quick withdrawal. There are situations when the money transfer is delayed for several days, or the funds are frozen for weeks or months. In order to avoid unpleasant situations, you should play in one of the top casinos on our list.

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If you open the terms and conditions of any banking method and casino, you will see different policies. Kiwis may face a minimum deposit of $1, but usually, the minimum deposit ranges between 10 NZD and 20 NZD. However, the cash-out limits are higher and ranges between 20 NZD and 60 NZD. In most casinos, there are no fees, however, read the rules before entering the casino.

The bonuses are what you see first when you visit a casino site. This is exactly what they are made for. Online casinos have to attract customers in order to get the profit. It’s an obvious business scheme. However, the offerings are not so bright and shiny as they seem.

The typical welcome bonus work

As a rule, the first bonus is the most attractive. Let’s assume it implies giving you a 100% deposit and a number of free spins, say 20. However, these spins are not actually free as you make a deposit first.

All in all, you have to understand how the process is going. So, you deposit the first minimum sum. The bonus gives you 100% of your bonus up. It means your balance is double. For example, you deposited $20 and got $40 in the end. Additionally 20 extra spins for a particular game.

Then you have to meet the wagering requirements. Hopefully, you have read them all preliminary. The idea of the terms is that you won’t be able to withdraw the money until you play your bonus through. That means your 20 extra spins and the rewarded $20.

It’s advisable to set the smallest bet during the bonus rounds because you don’t really notice at which moment your balance is not sufficient anymore. It may occur even before you’ve met the requirements. For example, you haven’t spun the 20 rounds, but you have already run out of your budget. So, in order to withdraw, you need to deposit again and play until you complete the requirements.

Final thoughts

There are other types of promotions, of course. Most of them include the rewards in the form of cash, spins or points. Rewards system is unique in every online casino. Consequently, each casino has individual bonus T&Cs. That is why it’s highly recommended to read the terms. The requirements can be really excessive that you can even regret that you’ve used the bonus. To tell the truth, the experienced players don’t use bonuses at all, and don’t advise it. They know the consequences based on their own experience.

The old but gold IGT, or fully International Game Technology, is the provider of online games of a casino kind. It is popular enough among online casinos. To tell the truth, almost all gambling sites have the IGT games in the lobby. The reason why they add the games is the reliability and variety. The provider has got table games, lotteries and, of course, impressive slots. The slots are indeed amazing with the bonus games, features, and progressive Jackpots. The most played slots are Cleopatra, Golden Goddess, Wheel of Fortune. I am sure you have heard about them before.

Provider IGT started its activity a long time ago. To be more exact, in the 80s of the twentieth century. Thus, you can be sure the results are real, and the RTPs are high. As I said before, there are a big number of sites with IGT games. So, you will hardly find any trouble when searching for the games. Let me recommend some online casinos with excellent service and IGT included: Jackpot City, Spin casino, 888 casino, Ruby Fortune, Royal Vegas, Kaboo Casino, Guts, Dunder, Thrills Casino.

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