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Best Payout Online Casino NZ

Many online casino partners follow the trends of online casinos and create ratings of the best payout online casinos.

The concept of “best payout” is not officially defined anywhere. Obviously, the return is the amount of money paid by the gambling sites to the players for a certain period of time.


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A good return for a significant period of time (month, half of a year) directly indicates one of the following facts:

  1. The casino is at a loss for this period of time. For example, 1000 regular low-stakes players bring stable profits, but two high-rollers, whose bet is hundreds of times higher than the average bet on casinos, consistently win, making the return of the casino 101-102%, instead of 96%.
  2. There are too many low-profit card games and video slots from top providers with a high return to the player installed in the casino. We will discuss some of these providers later.
  3. Top casinos spend too much money on encouraging players (they give profitable deposit bonuses and free spins).

So how? Do you want to play in one of these casinos? In all of them, mistakes in management and marketing give good returns to the players.

Top online Casino with best payouts

If the concept of “top online casino with the best payouts” would really work, then all players would be at least at risk of a long delay in payments to bank cards and the risk of not getting winnings at all.

In fact, the return of the casino, and the return of deposits to players, should always be constant at the level of 96%. This figure is generated automatically by the RNG since the average return to players on video slots is exactly the same.

In theory, the return of the casino should increase to 97% due to the fact that some of the players prefer low-income casino games. But there is one thing that players should not forget about. There is compensation due to the wagering of bonuses by the players: a correctly calculated bonus should not compensate for the player’s losses but should force him to lose more than he could.

In general, mentioning “best payout” of a casino in reviews or ratings is a rather marketing ploy built on the casino business.

How top online casinos with the best payouts are formed?

So, the amount of money paid to the players, the return or payouts, cannot be a criteria for compiling a rating for a casino with the fastest payout online casino NZ. How, then, are the top 10 or top 20 best casinos formed, including on our website?
Usually, we form the reviews according to approximately the same dozen parameters from the following list.

Choosing the best site in the ranking of the casino with a fast payout online casino NZ

All ratings offer almost the same criteria for choosing the casino: the size of the first deposit bonus, plus the additional offers in the form of free spins. Sometimes we add four more factors:

  • the size of the reload bonuses;
  • place in the rating
  • the age of a casino
  • a number of games.

The last parameter for the assortment of slot machines is very important. But the naive promotions of the size of the bonuses, whatever you say, is not entirely good behavior. After all, most of the bonuses are designed in such a way as to bring additional profit to the casino.

First of all, when choosing a new site, the player should pay attention to the financial parameters:

  • No commissions associated with payment methods (both when depositing and withdrawing).
  • Some top paying online casino nz have commissions for a deposit (or withdrawal)
  • Money e-wallets have a commission

Terms of withdrawal to different payment systems. This will have to be checked in practice, since the support information is often of an advertising nature, especially regarding the time of withdrawal to bank cards.

There are really loyal casinos that do not charge this commission, or it is equal to 5% of the withdrawal amount. However, there are about a dozen where, instead of the standard commission of 10%, they take 20%, and even 30%, without warning.

After registration, any casino will send several bonus offers per week. If for wagering bonuses and winnings from free spins, all machines with a return to the player of 97% are prohibited, then you definitely should say “goodbye”.

Comparison of the best casinos what payout

The first criteria to compare is the availability of a license. What is the advantage of a licensed casino?

The second parameter is the profitability of bonuses. And you need to pay attention not to the percentage of the bonus to the deposit amount on the size of the bonus, but to the wager (x35 and below) and the method of wagering the bonus. Rarely, but it happens that online casinos have a very profitable bonus program, which consists not so much of deposit bonuses (including on the first deposit), but of free spins offered for regular players.

As mentioned in the previous section, the next step is to consider a set of financial conditions.
Finally, you need to compare the range of games on offer. The spread in the number of slot machines in 2021 is gigantic.

What deposits should you start playing at rated licensed casinos?

To answer this question, the player must ask himself “Am I going to the casino to have fun or win money?” If the answer is the first, then the size of the deposit should be low, just to have the interest to play. If it is interesting to play at a rate of 0.10 cents, make a deposit of 100 bets. However, if a rate of at least NZ$1 “makes you nervous” pleasantly, top up your account with NZ$100.

Also, new players should have an idea of ​​what kind of game they like to play. Below is the top game provider with a wide range of games:

  • Netent
  • Thunderkick
  • Microgaming
  • EGT and Edorphina
  • Roulette Netent
  • Betsoft

If the goal of visiting an online casino with the best payouts is not only to have a good time, but also to win, then there are several secret rules for the size of the deposit.

The first deposit will always be offered with a bonus. You can increase your deposit by 100%. However, in most cases, the first deposit bonus gives bonus money, but after, the players are required to wager the bonus money. This is reality, as this is a casino business.

For example, the designation x40 means that the player must place 40 times the bonus amount in slot machines. With a bonus of 100% of the deposit, you need to put down, for example, NZ$4000 with a deposit of $10.

Every player must remember the rules

Do not take a bonus if its wager is x40 or higher, or the wager is x20 according to the “deposit + bonus” condition. You should immediately refuse such a bonus in the support chat, make a minimum deposit and play a little.

Approximately three days later, you will get an email with a good offer for free spins on slots. Free Spins bonus is almost always positive for the player. Moreover, players receive offers with free spins in EVERY casino on average 2 times a week. however, you will have to make a deposit from $10 to $150 on average.

If the wager of the first deposit bonus is x35 and below, then such a bonus will allow you to complete its wagering with a profit. But only if you play on the machines with a return to the player of 97.5% and above. On some of them, it is forbidden to wager the bonus, but in a licensed casino there will still be a few dozen such slots. Make the deposit as required to receive the bonus.

What is a casino license?

A gambling license is an official document that confirms the right of a casino to organize gambling activities. A license means that the online casino is controlled by government agencies and conducts activities permitted by law.

In addition to online casinos, gambling activities also include bookmaking and sweepstakes, online poker, and lotteries. Despite a large number of gambling sites on the Internet, there are no more than a dozen regulatory bodies issuing licenses on a global scale. To obtain a gambling license, a legal entity must be registered in the country of the licensor.

Most often, gambling operators are registered in the following countries: Great Britain, Malta, Gibraltar, and Curacao (a state entity within the Netherlands, located in the Caribbean). Below is the table with the number of online casinos registered in different jurisdictions.

  • Curacao eGaming 187
  • MGA (Malta)132
  • UKGC 89
  • Gibraltar (GRA) 16

What does the player gain from playing at the top licensed casino?

1. Guarantee of the safety of funds. This is achieved in three ways:

  • under the terms of a gambling license, the funds of the clients and the company itself must be separated (stored in different bank accounts);
  • when issuing a license, an audit of the company is required to have a certain amount of own funds before the start of activities;
  • in the event of bankruptcy of a licensed casino, casinos must return the customer deposits. Not quickly, within a few months, but they return the deposits

2. Guarantees against fraud. A player of a licensed casino can be sure that the casino owner will not steal money. Why:

  • gambling authority thoroughly check individuals and legal entities for participation in criminal activities and illegal financial schemes;
  • there is a serious punishment for fraud activities, criminal term
  • By the way, we cannot say this about casinos without licenses: no one knows who operates the casino, and even an international investigation is unlikely to find them.

3. Guarantee of changing of the rules of games, promotions, and conditions of input/output. All these conditions are written in the license agreement.

4. Availability of certified slot machines with a fixed return to player level (RTP – Return to Player). The licensed casino cannot influence the RTP in any way, since the gaming software is launched from the servers of the manufacturers (providers).

5. A wide range of games, tens of times more than the number of games in unlicensed casinos. Why is the number of games so important?

Benefits of Playing on the Best Payout Casino Sites

What do we mean by the word “payout”? This is a transfer of money from an online casino to a player’s payment system (bank card or electronic wallet).
Which sites are considered the best, we discussed it in the previous part on licensing. And which sites are not the best in theory, but the “best in terms of payouts”?
We should admit that casinos without licenses, we will call them “fake”, can provide customers with a number of benefits in terms of payments:

  • withdrawal without verification of the player’s identity;
  • instant withdrawal to a bank card;
  • withdrawal and acceptance of deposits by all means without commissions.

Why is this possible? The “fake” casinos have minimized costs:

  • they don’t pay taxes;
  • do not pay for the license;
  • do not have to share the profit with suppliers of gaming software;
  • authorities do not control them–there is no risk of fines and license suspension.

So, playing in “fake” online casinos is not bad at all, but if you do not want to risk and increase the speed of withdrawal of funds, make sure to play at safe online casinos.

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People sign up at online casinos for a reason to get money. Usually, the just-registered players have a chance to use their first head-spinning bonus. This is the only chance they can use it – upon sign up. If you intend to do it once again, it’s impossible. Unless you have a totally different personality which I really doubt.

Only one account

The fact is that you can’t register at one and the same online casino several times in a row. Moreover, the casino may take such an attempt for bonus abuse and block you without opportunity to withdraw the rest of your money. In case that you have changed some data and from now on you can’t proceed withdrawing, it’s better to contact the help centre of the online casino and let them advise you what to do.

Be fake?

Otherwise, there’s only one possible but absolutely artificial and illegal way to register at the casino repetitively. It’s stealing personality. Or creating a new person with totally different unique data. It regards not only the username and email. It also spreads to the verification docs, banking docs and data. Everything should be so true, that not a single security check could spot the fake. Meanwhile, we don’t recommend doing this. It’s better to stay safe and free.

Besides, even though it’s not possible to register many times at one casino, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do this with several other online casinos. What I mean is that you can sign up and play at as many different online casinos as you want. No one will stop or ban you for this. Actually, you can even sign up, play through your bonus money and complete the wagering requirement, then withdraw and close the account. Later proceed to the next one and so on.

Why should you use PayPal?

Choosing between payout options, an e-wallet is always a right decision. If you have an account at PayPal, you’re in a big advantage. Most online casinos with PayPal require no fees, make instantly fast payouts and request for a little portion of personal info.

PayPal is a system for payment transactions. It’s safe and reliable. Though some countries don’t accept it, hence the online casinos either. Luckily, the method is available in New Zealand. So, if you are a citizen of NZ, prepare your PayPal account now.

For the reason to be accepted in New Zealand, some online casinos oriented to the country include PayPal in the list of banking options. Though before using it, you have to confirm whether it’s for deposit, payout or both. Generally, online casinos implement both functions for PayPal, but sometimes it’s better to check.


The online casinos that accept the option PayPal are JackpotCity, RubyFortune, Casino.com, Rizk, MrGreen and others. You can join one of them without a single doubt. Your transactions will be made with PayPal, thus fast and safe.

Bet wisely

Winning at online casinos highly depends on the bets that you place. This is important to bet wisely. It doesn’t work if you bet everything you’ve got. Yes, you can multiply the win, but equally fast you can lose it all. For this reason I want to give you some tips about how to bet at online casinos and benefit.

  1. Set money limits. The most useful way to bet wisely and save your budget is to limit it. When you have a certain available sum for a single game, you’ll probably waste it all, and the limit will stop you from betting more.
  2. Sort out the money amounts. Basically, it’s the same as the limits. There’s only one difference. You can place different limits on different games. For example, $400 is the limit for slots, and $430 is the limit for poker. As soon as you bet the slots limit out, quit the game and proceed to poker.
  3. Start at the lowest. No matter if you play a table game or a typical slot. Start with the lowest bet possible. You have to understand the game and analyze the gameplay. When you know how the bets are placed, or if it’s live, how other players bet, you can gradually increase the bet.
  4. Watch the gameplay. Every casino game result depends on your luck. But not only your luck decides what will be further. The randomizer gives out the symbols or playing cards. If you’ve noticed, sometimes randomizers are too generous for money. Take this advantage and raise your bet during repetitive wins. However, when they cease and you start losing, lower the bet or even quit the game. The constant one-by-one losses can damage your budget.


Remember these simple tips if you want to win at the online games. And keep in mind that the Bet Max button is there only for risky high-rollers or not very smart people. Betting is the key for a good fortune, use it with wits.

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