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Although one might think that gambling is a totally useless activity, others really enjoy it. Online casino sites are indeed popular, and their amount on the net grows more and more. For a reason that players like the idea of making money with no effort, they can equally easily face troubles at casinos. The casino online sites can be both legit and trustworthy, but still, some negative situations can occur. In fact, this is normal. Though the players can feel so much offense that would just delete an account.

In order to avoid such situations, online casinos do everything they can to provide top service to the customers. The special treatment includes generous promotions, attentive customer support, quick payouts, and, of course, interesting games, to say nothing of safety. According to all these features, online casinos fall into the top, medium, and bad. The two latter are not even necessary to mention in examples. On the other side, the top online casinos deserve separate paragraphs. So, let me point out ten online casino sites especially for NZ players that will give top service, and most importantly, the real result.

1. JackpotCity

The online casino which opens our top 10 list of gambling sites is Jackpot Сity. It is mostly known for the biggest payout rate of 97.8%. To tell the truth, this is not the only wow-thing. The welcome package includes $1600 which may go directly to your account if you make deposits. Customer support will reply to all your requests. And the payout will not make you wait for long, just 1-2 days.

2. Casumo

This special casino is the second online casino among the top 10. It has impressively polite support service. The team not only solves your troubles but also gives you a hand when you fall addicted to the games. Speaking of casino games, Casumo invites you to play over 2000 top games by various providers. Casumo rewards program is specific. The casino site does not contain a place for VIP members. In fact, all the players are equally favorite for Casumo. So, each user is able to earn points with every spin and exchange them later for nice bonuses.

3. Spin Casino

The third in our top ten list of casinos online in NZ is Spin. Generally speaking, the casino has different games to offer. There are many slots, tables, and live games. In fact, Spin casino is a wide-ranged sportsbook too. Upon deposit, you receive a $1000 bonus for all these options. The online casino pays out from 1 to 3 days on average.

4. Ruby Fortune

This top gambling site is mainly dedicated to mobile players. The app is very developed and multi-functional. Meet the attractive first bonus and accept the invitation to the loyalty program with the ultimate service. The payouts usually take 1-3 days to process.

5. LeoVegas

The top well-reputable online casino on the market is LeoVegas. The reason why it is in our top ten sites is again the mobile version. In fact, LeoVegas has recently received the top mobile operator award. Proudly, the online casino keeps it on the same high level. Besides, LeoVegas provides over 1100 games in the slots category only. And it is a big sportsbook too. In a word, if you join this online casino, you will get a pleasant impression from the current promos and games. Important to mention that LeoVegas has developed and already implemented its own security system called LeoPlaySafe. So, players can stay 100% secure.

6. Casimba

The biggest advantage of Casimba top online casino is the welcoming offer. Just imagine: you get $5000 for games! Of course, it includes your deposit too, but the sum itself amuses the imagination. Apart from this, Casimba is generous with the game selection and loyalty promotions. Becoming a VIP, a player instantly gets a personal manager, cashback, faster payouts, and more.

7. Dream Vegas

Another impressive welcome bonus is from Dream Vegas. It offers you to start with $2500 on any game you prefer. Dream Vegas is full of slots, table games, and other types, so you can have fun, and not boring. The top loyalty service is prepared for the very important players that have joined the program.

8. Lucky Nugget

Each day will be top after you register at the Lucky Nugget online casino. It is in the ten top because it has super fast payouts, a $1500 first bonus, and over 1300 games from various world providers.

9. Wildz

The catchy style of Wildz helps the online casino to get into our top 10. However, this is not the only good thing. Wildz guarantees fast payouts and a range of games that you can enjoy every day. Moreover, the generous bonus of $500 and hundreds of free spins will make you join Wildz even faster. Loyalty promos and services are provided.

10. Rizk Casino

Usually, only risky people play online games at casinos. They know the adrenaline feeling and follow it everywhere. So does the Rizk Casino, the last but not least in the top 10 NZ online casinos. Rizk invites you to play different games, beginning from Slingo and never-ending at-table games. What is more, you can receive your winnings fast and without fees. The longest waiting period is 3 days. The promotion program is specific and rather unique. Join the Rizk to learn more.

Ranking of the best online casinos 2021 for money

Gambling games are connected to financial risks, but these risks are only slightly increased in the case of playing online casinos (as compared with land-based ones). If you want to play online casinos for real money, then you just have to first study the information on the sites of the gambling sites that you want to play.

Over the past few years, the online gambling market has evolved and underwent significant changes: new brands appear almost every day. As a result, almost every one of them is ready to offer customers not only bonuses for refilling the bill, but also safe bonuses for registration, and lucrative bonuses for making a deposit. But here a completely logical question arises: “How can a player make the right choice among this variety of brands?” You can spend more than one day looking for the best, safe, and reliable, online casinos to find out the real reviews of the players. To save time, you will receive online casino ratings for help.

Rating of honest online casinos for money

Probably, while studying the rankings of the top casinos on different sites, you could notice one interesting feature: one and the same gambling account can either make the same. Why does this happen? The point is that a number of online casinos usually create custom websites, where they start to cheat players, or simply do not pay out the winnings.

Even in 2021, there is a fairly large number of fake gaming sites. These are copies of original game machines or, as they still like to call them, “fakes”.

The situation with our rating of the best online casinos for real money is fundamentally the opposite. The final scores of gambling operators are presented on the basis of objective criteria: feedback from players, as well as information from other authoritative websites and formats. Do not hesitate that here we provided the list of top casinos on the basis of the present (reliable) gambling sites.

Who will find it useful?

Due to the wide variety of online casinos, as well as the regular appearance of new ones, players are often lost and do not know which one to choose from. So, as a rule, it is about playing for real money, but not on fantasy. Many try to approach this question as seriously as possible. But there is one misconception: the actual study and analysis of all online casinos will take a little time and effort. In addition, the knowledge of the average user may not be sufficient for separating scam brands from good ones.


  • Beginners in the casino field
  • Someone who wants to try something new

Rating top 10 online casino for real money 2021

First, you need to understand what online casino ratings mean and what are the benefits of them? Let’s start with a definition.

Online casino top-rating is a numerical indicator that reflects the significance or relevance of this or another virtual gambling site. It is calculated according to a specific grading algorithm or grading scale.
The list of such virtual gambling sites, surveyed according to the scale of engagement, is often called “top”, for example, “top 10 online casinos”.

As we have already noted earlier, in the industry of online gambling, there is tough competition. It leads to the fact that the marketing team is working on the creation of new unique promotions, profitable bonuses, and interesting loyalty programs.

Like any other site on the Internet, official online casino sites have their own ratings of popularity and reliability. The combination of these parameters forms the general picture of the gaming club, according to which we evaluate it.

The rating provided on our website is the result of fruitful and laborious work. Only the most quality, reliable, and popular internet casinos are there. This list is regularly checked and updated, so the information is always up-to-date.

What do the ratings of the best casinos show?

The rating system first appeared more than a year ago. At the end of the 19th century, in the United States of America, they were used for assessing financial stability and credit rating. Which is exclusively for the employees of biologically active plants. As time goes by, the systems have entered many spheres of life and ordinary consumers. It is not surprising that ratings and online casinos cannot be separated.

So, what specific information we display on the ratings of casinos:

  • The degree of popularity, reliability, and safety;
  • Brand attractiveness and player reviews play a significant role in this field.

In general, the ratings can be made according to any separate aspect of the casino’s activity. Whether it is the speed of payments, the minimum and maximum size of payments/benefits, and the amount bonus offers. By the way, below we have made our own small classification.

Rating of TOP 10 online casino with a good reputation

Top-10, top-20, and even top-50, it’s not just a set of random internet casinos. Out top 10 complied of casinos according to many factors.

Classification and examples of ratings of online casinos
Internet-casino, depending on the rating, can be classified according to a number of parameters:

Reputation and reviews

For any gambling operator, reputation is extremely important, as well as positive reviews and high ratings from real players. Without them, the work will not give you the desired result. The point is that the opinion of fans of gambling games about this or another online casino hall is often based exclusively on the feedback of other clients.


Games on licensed websites will always give fair results, which no one can manipulate. Therefore, in the case of licensed Internet casinos, honest ratings are more often based on customer reviews. It takes into account the honesty of privileges, bonuses, payments, support services, and compliance with these criteria.

Return percentage

Licensing games have a certain percentage of return (RTP), which ranges from 92% to 99%.


Gambling sites that have licenses, as well as additional certificates of verification by independent laboratories (iTechLabs or TST), are popular here. As a rule, these are popular NZ or jagged brands that have been operating on the market for several years. In addition to this, we also consider the reliability of the software (so that the games do not crash and do not “lag”). Safe casinos always pay winnings and do it fast.


Based on the information about the speed of money transactions. Usually, this information you can get from feedback from the user. Read more players’ reviews.

What we will include in our online casino rating?

In this list you will find an exclusive online casino:

  • With licensed gaming machines
  • High level of efficiency
  • And with stable payments

Licensed online casinos

We, first of all, pay attention to the availability of a valid license. In other words, permission to work in the jurisdiction of a specific state, issued by a special gambling authority.

As a rule, information on licensing can be found at the very bottom of the main page of the official casino website. It guarantees that all games (game machines, roulette, blackjack, video poker) are fully certified and safe. Every user has the same chance of winning since the results are absolutely random.

If you suddenly notice that something is wrong, then you can always write a review or comment that other customers knew only true and up-to-date information.

Factors influencing the payout return

As we have already noted on the page above, while registering and playing in the online casino, you must be sure of its accuracy. In fact, the list of qualities/parameters/criteria is much longer, but we will try to cover most of them.

Below we list the factors that influence the rating of the casino. When you become familiar with the list of these factors, you will know that all the casinos in our time fully correspond to them.

The speed of money withdrawal, as well as the presence of the necessary payment methods

A key parameter that many users take into account. Admit it, no one wants to get a big win and play it only because the casino does not withdraw money after 18:00. It is also important that users from any region could fill up the account without problems and withdraw winnings by a convenient method.

The negative feedback and suggestions

The second most important indicator. If the Internet casino regularly receives complaints from users (according to different aspects), this only means that they have something to work with.

Bonus politics

The bonus system shouldn’t end up after the first deposit. Every customer should be able to choose whether to use bonuses or not.

Diversity of games/providers

To be very popular, casinos must offer a wide range of games from popular software providers. And it is not enough just to add a lot of slots. It is not necessary to try to satisfy all customer needs.

Responsible customer support

The highly qualified, competent, and polite game support staff is one of the most important factors. Namely, they are the connecting link between the client and the casino.

Quality and convenience of the site

Of course, the taste preferences of the customers are different, but the site must be simple and understandable. There are many examples of the casino started to operate, and as a result, it lost customers due to poor and inconvenient navigation.

Ease and high speed of verification

For the first withdrawal of the winnings, the user must provide a scan or photo support service. For some players, this process takes a few hours, while for others it takes a few days. Long-term verification often leads to customer satisfaction and is instantly reflected in the brand’s popularity.

When compiling our rating, we checked each casino for the above-mentioned factors. Therefore, you can easily choose one of them, and start the game.

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Let me guess, you have deposited to an online casino, lost in the game and now wish to receive your money back. Or ok, maybe you’ve faced a fraudulent casino? In both cases you can dispute the money, but the result will be completely different. Besides, it’s a consequential issue to dispute the charges. So, you’d better think wisely before you actually make a chargeback request.

Necessary requirements

First of all, I’d like to explain some facts to you. These are mainly the requirements by the moment you decide to dispute.

  • Chargeback is the service of bank credit cards using Visa, Mastercard, also bank transfers and some e-wallets like Neteller.
  • The request for dispute has time limits. In other words, you can make a request within 120 calendar days only. If you haven’t made up your mind during 4 months, further it’ll be impossible.

Later, I’ll describe each case (lost game and frauds) and give you the useful tips for a successful dispute of your charges from online casinos. Mind that the moment when you’ll have done it, the situation may lead to unpleasant consequences.

So, if you lose a game as all typical gamblers do right after deposit, you can’t just request for your money back. It even makes no sense. Like you deposited, you played and you lost. It’s almost the same as when you buy some food – buy, eat and are hungry again in two hours. Basically, the online casinos sell service. They give you a chance to play games for money. And the result, either you win or lose, depends on you and your actions.

Be careful!

Apparently, any attempts to dispute the money will be declined by both casino and your bank. For the reason that the service was provided, thus you played, and you got a fair result, so face it. There is only one possible reason to tell the bank. It’s charging the online casino of faulty activity. Starting from rigged games and ending in a totally fake fraudulent casino. However, be realistic, this statement will need proof. Very likely that the online casino will provide all the records where it states that you have played the games and successfully lost the deposited money. As a result, the dispute request will be declined. Unless you have a true proof that you’ve been deceived, you can’t take money back.

Is it still possible?

Speaking of a true situation with online frauds, whether it’s a fake casino or just someone has stolen your credit card, it will be much easier to prove. With such a statement and no visible authentic proof of a contrary, the bank will charge the money back. But it’s not a relief for you. This time you need to prove that the online casino provides faulty service including evidentiary material of a licence absence and rigged games. The former you can find out, no problem, but the latter is hard to get. The RTPs are private records of the service provider. Although it’s hardly possible to request for chargeback, stars can align and somehow you’ll get the money back.

Still after the dispute come the consequences. Get ready to be banned by the online casino. Most probably you’ll get into the blacklist of the company and all associated online casinos. Even though your request is accepted, and everything seems fine, your further chargeback requests will affect your gambling reputation. Thus you’ll not avoid the blacklist.


All in all, I recommend thinking thoroughly before making the actual request. Mind that whether you are right or wrong about the casino service, it may lead to the court. Trust me, it’s not worth it with all the further court consequences unless you’ve deposited a million dollars which I really doubt.

In fact, this company has been regulated since 2000 by the UK Financial Service Authority. Now it’s a leading option especially for those who like to enjoy playing casinos. EcoPayz provides actual cards in its operations and if you register an account there, you will be able to transfer the money to the casinos, as well as to other people. The process of creating an account is not difficult. Just click the specific button “Join us”, fill in the necessary information, and become a member in a minute. The problem appears as soon as you try to make a deposit, because you will have to verify the account, however, it’ll take a few minutes also.
In the section below we will discuss the safe and reliable casinos which accept the EcoPayz payment system. There you will see the differences between EWallets systems and other payment methods.

Jackpot City

  • EWallets: 24-48 hours – EcoPayz
  • Card Payments: 2-6 days
  • Bank Transfers: 3-7 days
  • Cheques: 14-21 days
  • Pending Time: 24-48 hours

Spin Casino

  • EWallets: 24-72 hours – EcoPayz
  • Card Payments: 3-7 days
  • Bank Transfers: 3-7 days
  • Cheques: Not offered
  • Pending Time: 24 hours

Royal Vegas

  • EWallets: 24-48 hours – EcoPayz
  • Card Payments: 2-5 days
  • Bank Transfers: 3-7 days
  • Cheques: 7-28 days
  • Pending Time: 24 hours


The EcoPayz company produced a great product, which you can use to safely transfer the money to the casino accounts and back. In fact, this is the fastest method to withdraw the money.

Every self-respecting online casino has more than one currency available for the game, but if we are talking about New Zealand casinos, then this is the NZ dollar. But it is worth remembering that this choice is usually made during registration and further changes may only be possible through the casino support service.

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